Help; Have You Ever Heard of This?

This one especially for any Chiropractors or similar medical professionals.

I’ve been trying to get back into the groove of things here, but I’ve hit a physical problem that’s all but stopped me in my tracks. This is NOT the first time it’s happened either although it’s thankfully rare. The situation is this:

I have this Ultra-weird thing that goes on occasionally with my back.  It’ll go out of alignment in a sort of subtle way (in that it doesn’t cause pain), but my energy is literally all but non-existent.  I can’t stay awake more than 4 hours when it happens.  The really odd part is that I can only sleep for 4 or so hours at a time also.

None of my past chiropractors have ever heard of anything like it either.  If I could figure out exactly what’s happening, I might be able to come up with some sort of stretch or something that undoes it.  The closest I’ve got to a clue is that I *think* it’s somewhere in my mid back, like at the bottom of my shoulder blades.  I google it though and all I get is crap for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

This ain’t it, and the way my body reacts and only will let me sleep 4 hours at a time also, it’s almost as if some nerve is getting pinched in a way that’s over taxing my adrenal gland.  That’s just speculation though, based on being fine for the first hour or so after I wake up from those 4 hours of sleep.

Funny thing too… Before this and few other things appeared, I used to really wonder about those spinal charts in the chiropractor offices that map out how the nerves at each vertebrae control various bodily functions.

Looking at that chart, I’d say it’s *possibly* something in the C4-C5 area (sore throat also lately) or the T9. It bothers me that even the chiropractors I’ve talked to seem lost about this. I know it’s spinal though. I feel an almost immediate change in energy level when things fall back into place.

2 thoughts on “Help; Have You Ever Heard of This?

  1. philosophy through photography

    Very difficult to analyse but you come closer to the probabilities that the problem is likely to be at C4-C5 or at D-9

    Many times any medical profession related to orthopedic problem are helpless to know the exact reason…simply because they have no answer.
    Take care my friend and wishing and praying for your quick recovery



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