Broken Baby

I’m reblogging a request for help here folks.

Some of you know Re-Farmer, all of you should. 🙂 She lives out in the wilds of Canada trying to keep the family farm going while living on a fixed income. She also tries to look after the feral cats in the area, domesticate, fix and get them adopted out where possible, etc…

Well, one of the little cuties on the farm, named after my Mustang no less(!), broken his leg badly and needs expensive surgery or amputation. Read the whole story and help if you can, please!

The Re-Farmer

This morning, while doing my morning rounds, the kitties all came out to say hello.

Then I saw Ginger.

Walking on three legs.

His right front leg was dangling and swinging in a most unfortunate way.

I tried to go to him, but he “ran” away. I didn’t want to risk losing track of him or hurting him more, so I went inside. My younger daughter was handy, so I told her about it, and she went outside with the cat carrier to try and catch him, while I called the vet clinic.

The doctor was in surgery at the time, so we were told to bring him in for 3pm. My daughter had caught Ginger, and we had a few hours, so we set him up in the sun room, where he would be safe and we could check on him through the bathroom window.

It was encouraging to…

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