Quickie Review: Coming 2 America

Nope, not the original, the NEW sequel:

I’ll TRY to keep the spoilers minimal here. The premise is that Eddie Murphy’s character Prince Akeem, who has three daughters at home in Zamunda, finds out he has a son back in Queens that he didn’t know about.

Off he goes to New York to find his “proper” heir, bring him back to Zamunda and teach him how to be a proper royal.

There’s also a sort of villain in this one in the form of Wesley Snipes’ character; a General who runs the neighboring country and is trying to force an arranged marriage to have a claim on Zamunda also. In keeping with this being an Eddie Murphy comedy, the villainy is fairly light hearted. Snipes is nowhere near as intense as he is in the Blade trilogy. 🙂

Ultimately the movie comes down to Akeem learning NOT to be his father, and the new Prince finding his place in his newly expanded family.

Worth A Watch?

This one is getting ripped across the internet, and I’m not quite sure why. It’s fairly good, even if not on quite on par with some of Murphy’s earlier work.

The biggest problem for ME was that it came off at points as trying too hard to be Coming to America 1 on steroids. Everything was pushed just a little bit further for the sake of humor. Snipes’ initial entrance into the Zamundan palace looks something like a pro wrestler making their grand entrance at Wrestlemania; just a bit too over the top.

That said, again overall I think it’s fairly decent. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription you can see it free also, so what the heck right?

The movie does do a good job of playing on nostalgia with almost EVERY character from the original having at least a cameo in this one. The only exception being Akeem’s mother and Duke Brothers from Trading Places who Akeem unintentionally put back in business in Coming to America. We do meet a grandson though. 🙂

I’d give it 3 1/2 stars. Give it a look, it’s fun even if it does try too hard at times. It’s worth it for the nostaglia if you’re a fan of the first one.

2 thoughts on “Quickie Review: Coming 2 America

    1. Silk Cords Post author

      I think he was doing stuff behind the scenes actually. Either way, the Hollywood crowd only stays retired until their lifestyle outstrips their cash reserves.

      For ages Murphy and Hall said this one was complete on it’s own and wouldn’t get a sequel also. HOWEVER:

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