Quick Review: Superman & Lois on The CW

Last week, the CW Network rolled out the newest addition to it’s lineup of “Arrowverse” shows set in the DC Comics universe; Superman and Lois

Thanks to the events of the Arrowverse version of the “Crisis on Infinite Earths”; Superman and Lois are now older and have a 14 year old twin sons. Meet Jonathan and Jordan Kent:

Jonathan is the one with the blond hair and necklace…

Not as revolutionary an idea as you think. Clark and Lois have a son about that age in the actual comic books who is also named Jonathan (named after his grandfather):

In fact, he’s the current Superman in the latest twisting of the DC Universe. That’s a WHOLE different post to explain however… Let’s get back to the show instead.

Spoilers Ahead:

If you haven’t seen episode 1 yet, it’s probably on the CW’s website. Otherwise, spoilers ahead. Episode 2 is tomorrow though.

The show starts out briefly introducing the current state of the Kent family before Lois and Clark have to head off to work at the Daily Planet. It apparently has been bought out by some internet media conglomerate and is laying off most of the staff. Clark is among those that get the axe. Right afterwards, he gets called away to stop a nuclear reactor from melting down. During that process, we learn that Lois’s dad, General Sam Lane knows Clark’s identity. Significant since Lane has been an anti-alien xenophobic borderline nut in the comics at times. Right now, he’s working with Superman though.

After the reactor is saved, Clark learns his mother has just died of a stroke. Everybody heads back to Smallville (which is NOT the same town or Kent farm that was used in the Smallville show but both are VERY VERY close in appearance).

For the sake of leaving some surprises, I’ll simply leave it that the episode wraps up with Lois and Clark deciding it’s better for the family if they live on the farm in Smallville.

As a side note, there are a few stories dropped about Clark’s past in Smallville that could easily be taken as events from the Smallville series.

My Opinion:

Before the show was even released, I had heard that it was going to focus on the human side of Superman and the family dynamics of the Kents; how Clark has trouble protecting the world and being there for his kids. I went into the premiere with an admitted negative bias.

Happily, I was proven wrong in my expectations. Instead of being yet another excuse for the Far Left to trash a cultural icon, the show was pretty even handed and realistic in it’s presentation of Clark’s struggles with balancing duty and family. It’s a good show that balances the human side of Clark and the struggles of his sense of obligation and right.

IF they keep the same storytelling approach, I think we have another Smallville in the making.

This one is definitely worth watching, and probably the best Arrowverse show thus far. Less emo than Arrow or Flash, even with Jordan having social anxiety disorder.

Quick side notes: John Diggle from Arrow is joining the show, and there will be a Superman & Batwoman crossover later this year that MAY explain what actually happened to the Arrowverse’s MIA Batman.

8 thoughts on “Quick Review: Superman & Lois on The CW

  1. comixfana

    I watched and liked it…I still say I would have preferred a cuter actress to play Lois, and the conflicted, angry, and introverted teen is kind of cliché…the half Kryptonian son was also used in Superman returns…not sure if the concept was in print or on the big screen first 😉 but…hey DCU, Gotham was fine, but where’s Batman?


    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Lois isn’t supposed to be ultra-glamorous like Diana. She’s an everywoman who works hard, etc… I’ll give them a pass there. Same Lois they’ve been using since she was introduced to the Arrowverse also.

      Batman: TBH, I think DC is withholding his use because they’re worried that the CW will do a better job with him than the movie writers. Look at the CW Flash vs Ezra Miller’s movie Flash. Miller is a fine actor, but as with alot of movies and shows, it’s the the writers who are the problem. They clearly had ZERO idea how to handle the character in “Justice League”.

      Net result; we’re stuck with Batwoman instead of Batman. We likely won’t even get a Batgirl or Nightwing. Possibly a rotating Batwomna also if they keep forcing actors to injure themselves with their own stunts and fight scenes. That took both Ruby Rose and Stephen Amell out of the Arrowverse.

      The cliche kid is pretty much most kids that age nowadays. The CW is known for emo shows anyway. I think they kept it in check fairly well vs most of their current shows. I have high hopes for this one. I hope they live up to my new expectations, and Luthor ditches the Master Chief battle armor, LOL.


    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Well, it gets a little emo at points, but it’s kind of the nature of raising twin 14 year old boys and one of them having social anxiety disorder. Episode 2 was equally good and revealed a bit more about the mysterious Master Chief armor wearing “villain”

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