The Pitfalls of Me-Commerce

Another EXCELLENT post by Todd Garlington (I even spelled the poor guy’s last name correctly for a change). Todd does a world class job of breaking down advertising (and occasionally other subjects) and analyzing what’s REALLY being said and sold. This post takes a hard look at Touch of’s push on the idea that image = identity. ie you’re defined by your things.

I love Todd’s blog because it’s a great lesson in critical thinking skills and looking beyond the hype and nonsense.


Now that e-commerce has proliferated and arguably become the backbone of big-box retail as well, consumers have more choices than ever before—so many in fact that comparison shopping has become almost overwhelming. Search results return pages and pages of different brands and models, and although product reviews should be helpful, they often lead to more confusion. So how might shoppers make informed and efficient purchases in the lightning-fast Information Age?

A collection of products curated for urbane males.

Enter the new and improved middleman: the curator. Although the concept of marketplace personalization (aka me-commerce) emerged in tech circles around a decade ago, its implementation has now become mainstream. Across the internet, more and more individuals and companies are adopting the curator model to promote their businesses and offer the weary consumer respite from digital chaos.

One example is Touch of Modern (ToMo), a lifestyle boutique similar to forerunner The Sharper Image, but with more panache. Most of ToMo’s…

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