Disgusted with Politics and Political People

The one good thing about having the memory in my PC go bad is that it gave me a couple of days to mull life over as I waited for replacement parts. I watched the DC drama and it’s aftermath, with complete and utter disgust for BOTH sides.

The last four years in general have been horrid, with name calling and toxic BS passing for political discourse. We’ve gotten to the point where neither side is even capable of objectively defending it’s own positions. Instead they both spew hateful rhetoric, lies and half truths about how the other side is nothing but hateful rhetoric, lies and half truths.

Really F’ing Productive. Call each other fascist and libcuck instead of talking out differences rationally.

Like it or not, both sides are human beings with legitimate concerns, even if they each have irrational ways of interpreting what an event may mean.

Bottom line, the problem is that politics has become much like all the new age interpretations of religions: It’s not about what’s right or wrong. It’s not about what’s best for society as a whole. It’s ONLY about padding the believer’s ego.

They’re wrong, we’re right. Spew hate. Advocate violence, censorship and imprisonment (yes, both the Left and Right have done it), tear down the ability of society to even communicate in a civilized manner, etc, etc… ALL in the name of justifying feelings of inadequacy and feeding fragile egos. Nowadays, it’s called spiritual materialism; the ego-driven need to flaunt one’s imagined superiority and enlightenment. It used to be called everything from virtue signaling & moral exhibitionism to just plain hypocrasy.

Trump and Pelosi are NOT the problem. They’re just the biggest visible manifestations of a morally bankrupt, narcissistic and sick society who would rather get on twitter and spew hate instead of talk.

News Flash: You politicos are making the world a much worse place with your hate. It doesn’t matter how self-righteous it is, or how you justify it. Hate is hate is wrong, period.

What I’ve seen the last few days has just been the icing on the cake for me. Nobody in Washington on either side can take a step back and reflect on how they contributed to the events of the last few days either. All they’ve done is double down on the attacks.

I’m completely over any further talking about politics at this point. Neither side is going to be happy until there’s an all out war.

From here on out, I’m focusing on my own growth and self-improvement. The only way to TRULY change anything in the world is to change yourself; grow as a person, tame an out of control ego, let go of hate, etc…

Be the Change instead of getting on twitter and spreading hate and misery.

17 thoughts on “Disgusted with Politics and Political People

            1. Silk Cords Post author

              No, then they’d just eventually decide to come back after the rest of us.

              Besides, I’m not so sure that the whole Left vs Right thing isn’t mostly smoke and mirrors designed to keep us fighting while they run amok.

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  1. cheriewhite

    Bingo! Recently, I’ve stepped away from news because it seems to suck the oxygen right out of me. I’m focusing on God, my loved ones and my goals, trying to create good memories. That’s the best I can do.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Welcome to my circus! 😀

      It seems quite a few people are coming to that same conclusion. I’ve heard new agers preach it for years, but ignoring the news & current events seemed like a guaranteed way to make sure that the bad people never got held accountable. They were right though; all it does is draw negative energy to you, and nothing changes regardless.

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  2. Pepper

    I try (unsuccessfully) to not let myself get riled up every time I see any political news. I am kind of exhausted at this point and your last paragraph really spoke to me. Time to work on yourself and learn to deep breathe.

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  3. Peter Martuneac

    One upshot from all this for me personally is that I’ve distanced myself from national politics and have become much more involved in state and local level government. Far easier to effect real change on these levels and more important for someone with a family too, I believe. May even take a run at town council in a few years.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Local and state level are the only chance we have left to effect any meaningful change.

      I wish more people realized that these slimy, power hungry politicians almost always get their start at those levels. Stop them there and DC would theoretically take care of itself (at least partially) as better quality people filtered up to the top.

      On a personal note though, I have to admit to being fairly cynical here also. Sacramento’s local politics were as corrupt as DC could ever hope to be. The city council and mayor even said “too bad, we’re doing it anyway” after a local tax increase was put to a *legally required* public vote and turned down.

      After moving to Tennessee, I quickly noticed that the Murfreesboro city government went out of it’s way to cater to the whims of the college students there. The new town we just escaped to, I’m still sizing up.

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