Back… Maybe? Ouch.

I’m not sure that I’m completely back yet, but things are FINALLY falling into place enough that I can take a break and let people know I’m still alive… barely, LOL.

We didn’t finish moving everything down until the third, and have been unpacking ever since. Two moves in six months seem to have finally been enough to convince my wayward spouse that we just plain have too much crap too. So, (thank God), we’re getting rid of some of it. One silly example; we have new pillows for both our bed and the guest bedroom bed… and still took 8 more to a Goodwill donation center and tossed 3 more that were too dirty to donate. I’m not even talking throw pillows either.

If that wasn’t enough, between what we bought and inherited from both sides of the family, we must have had 20 casserole dishes. Now, I love to cook, but not THAT much, lol.

LONG rant short, we still have a ways to go yet, but things are falling into place. I’m going to try to be back every day from now on, and should be able to truly kick it into full gear in another week. That should give my hand a chance to heal up too.

The Ouch:

Yes, there’s a story there too. Yesterday, I was making some homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup. Trying a new recipe I found also, which I won’t post. My previously posted one is actually much better; more savory and authentic.

ANYWAY… this other recipe made so much that it wouldn’t fit in the Crock-Pot, even after trying to cook it down some. So, I tried to transfer it to a bigger pot, and it spilled all over my left hand. Worse, if I had dropped the crock, I would have broken it and spilled soup everywhere. I held on to it long enough to safely empty the crock a bit more and drop it into the pot with the soup. Net result though; second degree burns all over the back of my left hand. Somehow it missed my actual fingers past the first knuckles.

Morbid curiosity compelled me to check the temperature of the soup after an initial cold water bath for my hand: 200 degrees.

I’ve remarked, almost half jokingly, in the past about my ability to suppress pain. After years of dealing with pain that turned out to be my neck and back, and being told there wasn’t anything wrong (until I got MRIs), even I was wondering how much of it was real. Well, the burn answered that. Yesterday I was in agony as the entire hand was one big burn blister. Today I’ve got it blocked out and it’s only mildly painful. It’s thoroughly bandaged however, for obvious reasons.

16 thoughts on “Back… Maybe? Ouch.

  1. joanne the geek

    Ouch. Reminds me of the time I managed to spill an entire pot of boiling water onto myself (I’m still not sure how I did it). I ran out of the kitchen throwing all my clothes off as quickly as I could and somehow avoided any major burns…

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  2. Re-Farmer

    Oh, my goodness!

    I’m glad to hear the move is done, but what a way to break in your new home! I don’t suppose you’ve got some aloe vera among the things you’ve brought over?

    Every move we’ve done, we’ve pared things done and somehow, it all accumulated again. I can’t imagine dealing with the items inherited from two families! Good luck with paring things down, and I hope that hand heals well and quickly.

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      1. -Eugenia

        It was awful and it seem my skin peeled forever! When I used to get my nails done, my nail tech had a pressure cooker explode on this arm and hand. He had huge blisters but once they cleared up, he had this new pink skin like a baby’s skin.

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