But barely, LOL.

Just a short update to let followers know what’s going on.

Moving is still progressing slowly. It’s been a 240 mile round trip every day for the last week and a half, on top of cleaning both places, packing and unpacking. Sunday is the day the movers pick up the remaining stuff. We will have internet at the new place on Friday also. That means after Sunday the only thing that should be left is a trip back here to finish cleaning the place, turn over the keys and tell the apartment management to perform an anatomical impossibility, LOL.

We did manage to put in some solar powered lights to help us see the driveway at night also:

Look great right? Box said they stay lit for 8 hours too.

Dead an hour later. Don’t waster your money; they’re junk even after being out for years.

Anyhow, that’s my update and consumer tip for the week. I should be back after Sunday if all goes well.

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