Regrouping One More Time…

Yes, I’m still alive. You’d never know it from my blogging activity though. With everything going on around here, it was better for me to keep a low profile instead of risking angry ranting posts or replies. So yeah… It’s been a hell of a week plus.

Long story short; the neighbors are acting worse than ever. Even after 30 good recordings of them trampling around upstairs like Bubba the Barbarian and his pet dinosaur Ugg, neither the apartment management nor the police will do anything about the noise issue. In the meantime, the poor quality sleep (tossing and turning) is undoing all the spinal rehab work I had done. I’m trying to double and triple down on the physical therapy to offset it. The return of the pain has only made my mood worse too.

Then, just to add injury to insult, the complex’s main entry gate malfunctioned, and slammed into the passenger side of the Subaru. Broke the heated power mirror and scraped up the passenger’s side front door. This all happened last night. The apartment security guard wouldn’t come look at it, and the management team also opted out earlier today, saying just email them pictures even with the car right in front of the office.

THEN the manager makes excuses about being out of town when I complained to corporate that nobody would even come look at the vehicle. Guess she was too dense to realize her assistant outright told us she was just “too busy” to be bothered.

Typical “we have all the money and power” mentality… except they don’t. Here’s what I’ve got to say about that:

My sister would probably love that. Wrestling junkie & she actually chases the indie circuit around. I know OF old timers like “Dirty” Dutch Mantell. She hangs out with them, lol.

Unlike in wrestling, violence doesn’t work in the real world, other than as a pass to jail. Whoop-Ass comes in many forms though, and redheads are EVIL. How do you play the game in this situation?

  1. Keep Getting Recordings for Court. – We’re up to about 30 loud ones and almost as many lower quality ones.
  2. Trash them on Yelp. – As long as it’s accurate, it’s legal
  3. Post Pictures of EVERYTHING remotely out of order in the complex.
  4. Expand the Reviews to other Sites, esp ones specializing in renting.
  5. Picket the complex on Saturdays and Sundays when they’re getting prospective tenants – You have to stay on the public right of way (ie on the main street) and keep what you say accurate, but this is brutally effective.
  6. Organize Other Tenants that that are fed up with similar issues – there are several here.
  7. Get past and present tenants to “carpet bomb” bad reviews all over the internet. It’s a sleazy SJW tactic used against gaming companies and other businesses, but sometimes it’s justified.

OH and yes, we’re going to talk to animal control about if there MIGHT be anything that they can do about the abusive situation of keeping 2 large dogs boxed up in a 1000 square foot apartment and never walking them.

I’ve spent too many years listening to consumer advocates and reporters. I *KNOW* how to play the game. That above list isn’t even al the tricks I’ve got. That’s even IF (getting to be a bigger IF every day) I decide to keep my game on the moral high ground.

Given all the “Game” talk and the wrestling mentions, I suppose a few of you are expecting a Triple H reference of some sort here. Nope. I’ve fumed long enough and now it’s time to get back to my roots

That shirt… That’s my family’s creed too. Literally. And Rhonda Rousey isn’t the only one with a Hot Rod shirt.

8 thoughts on “Regrouping One More Time…

    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Everything nowadays is about protecting the “rights” of the accused, who are always falsely accused per the media and activists, SO the police have to hear it themselves.

      This is the big trouble with the whole recorded evidence thing for our situation. The neighbors can always argue we faked the evidence or turned the volume up to misrepresent the issue. It’s really a he said / she said since common sense has been completely removed from the legal system.

      By the time we literally have hundreds of recordings, that may be enough to get them to take it all seriously without having to resort to the kind of tactics I highlighted above.

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  1. The Hinoeuma

    No one has manners anymore, Southern or otherwise. We live in an integrity-void world, populated with overgrown, diaper wearing brats (on their butts & their faces). A large portion of society is in bad need of an ass whipping.

    Customer service is also a dying courtesy. No one wants to be held accountable for their bad actions. Politicians set the examples and others follow their lead.

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