Things I’ve Learned About Tennessee – Part 1

Don’t Drink The Water!

OK, seriously… Water quality apparently varies WIDELY across the state. In some spots, it’s great. In some other spots, such as our town, it’s so bad that I’ve literally gotten Montezuma’s Revenge multiple times. Even fountain soda pop from restaurants doesn’t taste right and can get you sick if you’re not used to it.

Here’s a pic of a large under-sink filter that we installed to have potable water at home. It’s supposed to be good for 800 gallons but only lasted a little over a month. New one shown next to it for comparison.

Tennessee does ALOT of things right. More jobs, lower taxes and better roads than California. Damned if some water quality standards wouldn’t be nice though. This is third world level stuff here.

Even after THAT filter, we still run drinking water and ice cube water through a filter pitcher also.

15 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned About Tennessee – Part 1

    1. Silk Cords Post author

      I’m almost afraid to. I’m learning some scary things about US EPA & state water quality monitoring also as a result. Such as “Inorganic Compounds (i.e.: arsenic, barium, chromium) and radionuclides are monitored every nine (9) years per TDEC regulations.” NINE YEARS between tests.


      1. The Hinoeuma

        The best filtration is reverse osmosis and you can get under the sink kits. It ain’t cheap but, it’s effective. I had that with my ex in Texas. Downside: it removes the minerals and the water will leech it out of your body to re-balance itself if you don’t add it back in.

        EPA water quality standards…”LAX” doesn’t even cover it.


        1. Silk Cords Post author

          Yeah. We will doubtless get a RO water filtration system when we move. Too expensive and ornate for an apartment though, esp when we’re hoping to break lease soon. Amazon has plenty of units that do add the trace minerals back in also BTW. Not much more than the other undersink kits.

          BTW, the apartments just announced today that they’re shutting off the water and “repairing issues with the water and sewer lines” tomorrow.



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