…For A Hamburger Today.

Five points if you got where that half-quote comes from 🙂

So here’s Silk’s latest culinary creation; a gourmet hamburger:

What makes it gourmet you ask?

1: Kobe Beef smoked and seasoned to perfection

2: Turkey Bacon – Also slow smoked

3: Homemade guacamole

4: Smoked Cheddar Cheese

5: Fresh Veggies

6: A Toasted Bun.

Super-Tasty and tonight we’re using the leftover Guac (vacuum packed to keep from turning brown) for Taco… Thursdays. O_o 😀

23 thoughts on “…For A Hamburger Today.

  1. The Hinoeuma

    “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday…” ~Wimpy

    I’m fixing a cheeseburger, tonight. Organic, local, marinated GB, Cracker Barrel Extra Sharp cheese, Coleman natural bacon, organic dill pickles, organic sweet onions, local red leaf lettuce, Primal Kitchen avocado mayo and a Pepperidge Farm sourdough bun.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      That’s because you haven’t had mine! 😀 LOL, no ego problems here. 😛

      The best one I ever had was at the Kahala resort in Hawaii on my honeymoon. Kobe beef cooked to perfection. Done at the poolside bar too which made it all the more amazing. HORRIBLE views though, lol. Dolphin pond on one side and the beach on the other. 🙂



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