The Breonna Taylor Verdict

I’ve purposely avoided commenting on this for a while. Primarily because I know how reporters frequently cherry pick facts to spin stories. Breonna Taylor’s case seems very straight forward however. That being the case, even as the child of a cop, I’m shocked and disappointed by the grand jury verdict earlier today.

All that said, let me give MY analysis based on what’s been disclosed in the media thus far.

The BIG problem I see here is one of policy and procedure, even more than the actions of the individual officers.

First, let me state I have ZERO problem with no knock warrants for known dangerous fugitives and drug dealers. Knocking in those instances will allow suspects to arms themselves and flush drugs or destroy evidence.

Where I *DO* have a problem however is the way that policy was (in my opinion) abused here. They were raiding Breonna Taylor’s house based on guilt by association with the only disclosed evidence being she knew a drug dealer; an ex of all things if I recall correctly. That alone makes a no-knock warrant questionable at best.

Even worse, they kicked in the door to the apartment at zero-dark thirty when ANY sane person is going to assume it’s a home invasion. *I* would have come out gun drawn also in the same situation. The police compounded this problem by not wearing uniforms NOR immediately identifying themselves as police. This all but guaranteed gun play was going to happen. Other than not identifying themselves immediately, this ALL appears to have been standard policy for the department.

I understand the need to keep officers safe, and to increase the odds of catching bad guys off-guard. Somewhere there has to be a balance with the public’s and suspect’s safety taken into account as well. No midnight raids, no out of uniform crap, and certainly no failure to identify. All three of those led the situation to a violent conclusion.

Now with the individual officers… Let’s take the EASY one first. The only one to get charged with anything was the idiot that fired blindly through a window that had blinds or curtains up. He had ZERO idea who he was shooting at, or where those rounds were going to end up. COMPLETELY inexcusable.

One of the first safety rules taught to all gun owners is to ALWAYS know exactly what you’re shooting at and where that bullet is going to go or could end up. Again, since the view through the window was obstructed, he had NO idea where his shots were going, or who/what they might hit. This was NOT a war zone. Tear gas or a flash bang might have been justified but NOT gunfire.

The other officers who were NOT charged… I have a harder time with. Murder requires deliberate intent to kill, and I don’t think that was there.

Manslaughter and some sort of negligence or dereliction of duty based on the lack of uniforms and failure to identify as law enforcement certainly might be appropriate. Technically, they did their job by the book per reports, with the exception of the failure to identify. It was the department’s policy that set up an inevitable shootout between a citizen reacting to a perceived home invasion and police trying to serve a search warrant in the wee hours of the morning.

What I *do* know is that things need to change on a variety of fronts. Policy needs to be written in a way that balances officer safety with public safety. Officer training needs to be better also. This kind of incident is killing morale in police departments all over the country and causing truly good cops to quit the force in droves.

What these incidents are doing to public trust, especially among the black community is just as bad and I think goes without saying at this point.

Protesters really need to check themselves as well however. Shooting cops, setting fires, looting and vandalism are all only making the situation worse, and turns public sympathy against the cause. All these riots really accomplish is driving all the businesses out of the communities that are protesting.

Who does THAT help?

Lastly, I have to call BS on the media as well. I do NOT know if anything was left out of Breonna Taylor’s story. It appears not. However, there have been multiple incidents where the facts were clearly cherry picked to escalate the situation and increase ratings. I saw it first hand with the Stephon Clark case in Sacramento when I lived there. We got more of the story than the national news. That was a case of a poor, mentally ill or at least severely distraught young man putting himself and police in a situation where it looked like he was pulling a weapon but it was far too dark to see. It was a tragedy, but NOT an execution by any means.

7 thoughts on “The Breonna Taylor Verdict

  1. Re-Farmer

    This was one of those stories where I kept hearing people yelling “say her name”, but I never saw why in the first place. It got buried in all the other stuff. The first place I got the story about the incident was here, just this morning.

    So it looks like the investigation found the officers *did* knock (even though they didn’t have to), they *did* identify themselves, the boyfriend shot first, and apparently used her as a shield.

    Which rather changes a whole lot of the narrative.

    My trust of the media hasn’t been good for a long time; too often, they can’t even get the most basic facts straight – and won’t correct the errors when they are pointed out (apparently, the place I used to live was in a long term care facility for the disabled – at least according to the media!). They’ve always been prone to just making things up, when a certain narrative was to be portrayed. These days, that seems to be *far* more prevalent. They don’t even wait for the bodies to cool before using them to push a narrative. 😦

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      It changes much of the narrative IF it’s true. Conservative media plays very loose with the truth also at times. I’ve caught Hannity more than once doing it. Glen Beck also. I have to be a little suspicious there when it takes them six months to come forward with all of this while they let the other side have a field day in the press. “A lie unanswered becomes the truth in 24 hours” if nothing else.

      Even if all of that is true, they still did this in the wee hours of the morning. Knocking and pretending to be police is a standard home invasion tactic also. Anybody that’s lived in a bad neighborhood like I have knows that. BAD policy there.


      1. Re-Farmer

        I haven’t had much luck trying to find the actual documents of the investigation, or even if they were publicly released. Searches just bring up reaction articles.

        As for time of day, home invasions happen at any time, so it wouldn’t matter if it was the wee hours or not in that regard. One could still claim they thought it was a home invasion. Especially in they’re already in a high crime area. As I understand it, the wee hours are the least dangerous time for the police, as the subject of the warrant is most likely to be asleep or otherwise unprepared. From some conversations I’ve been reading from people who work in law enforcement (all of whom are against no-knock warrants, though that appears to be a moot point, since they knocked anyway), another part of the equation is that a late night no-knock arrest with a girlfriend around, the girlfriend is more likely to co-operate with the police and testify in court. The fact that she ended up shot multiple times while the boyfriend, who had already shot a cop, was uninjured lends weight to the possibility that he used her as a shield.

        Part of the problem is that people decided the police were guilty immediately, and no amount of evidence is going to change their minds. The main stream media is feeding that. And now I’m reading two cops have been killed by protestors already. The (the activists and media) wanted those cops charged, no matter what, and they didn’t get their way, so they’re going to riot and if cops get killed, that’s just bonus. From what I’ve been observing, even if the cops *were* charged, there would still be riots and protests.

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        1. Silk Cords Post author

          Your first paragraph is THE big point here; *IF* everything went down the way the story you read claims, where’s the official reports & the bodycam footage? I’m not saying it didn’t possibly happen that way either. However, when the police make NO effort to defend themselves or set the record straight, the narrative that’s out there is the one that will stick. It’s “he said / she said” with me NOT being able to find a statement from the police themselves saying that they knocked and identified themselves.

          Home invasions: I come from a law enforcement family remember? 😀 Any crime can happen at any time. Home invasions are most likely to happen at two different times though. Either mid day because the robbers want to minimize the chance that anybody is home, OR roughly midnight to 3am because people are going to be sleepy and slow to respond. The zero-dark thirty ones are the one FAR more likely to be violent also.

          If we’re ONLY concerned about the safety of officers, why not just shoot a rocket launcher into the place and level it? Absolute hyperbole as an example but it does make the point that any rationalization can be carried to the extreme. Kicking in a door at 2am is just begging for a situation to go sideways, plain and simple. *I* would have come out shooting without a clear identification.

          The human shield aspect of this: That’s definitely a possibility, but other things like she was just caught in the crossfire could account for it too. This boyfriend wasn’t even the ‘known associate” that the cops were supposed to be concerned with, so I’m not ready to attribute that kind of blatant cowardice to him without some sort of evidence.

          The drug dealer was an ex from all I’ve read. They also knew the ex wasn’t there, and were only concerned that she MIGHT (no actual evidence) be hiding drugs for him. *IF* true that certainly doesn’t merit a 2am raid.

          MOST people don’t automatically assume the police are guilty. Especially not me. I’m more likely to assume the opposite at first. We wait for evidence and to hear reports. We DO have a biased media on BOTH sides however (look at my Draconian Business Closures post for right-wing BS).

          As somebody who watched multiple incidents in Sacramento AND tried to work with both the city council AND police to clean up our old neighborhood though, a large part of the problem lies with them. City leaders are always only concerned with their own PR. They’re not going to stand up for cops if it means taking some temporary heat in the press. They’re also primarily concerned with keeping the city from getting sued. Me, if the case were blatant fraud, I’d be making the city attorney countersue. I have a remarkable LOW tolerance for BS though, LOL

          Cops; I see it a little even out here in redneck Tennessee. If it’s more trouble than it’s worth to enforce a law, it’s just NOT going to happen. My current noise issue being one example. It was worse in Sacramento due to every crime being turned into “catch and release” by idiot voters. Even that time I was assaulted in front of my house wasn’t worth their time in their eyes to take him in and do the paperwork when he’d just have been immediately cut loose, that’s even after he came back a second time only hours later. It took making it clear that if he came back a THIRD time he’d be shot to get rid of him.

          Cops are burnt out on overly liberal policies and also just seem to have this “I’m a cop so I’m right and shouldn’t have to explain myself” mentality. It’s a combination of that and spineless city leadership that prevents official reports and bodycam video from being released in any kind of a timely manner IF EVER.

          Long reply short; it MIGHT very well have happened the way that website claims. With the police and city unwilling to defend themselves or release any evidence supporting a narrative other than the mainstream media’s however, I have to go with the evidence at hand.

          Reality is, the deaths and injuries could have very LIKELY been prevented just by the use of a flashbang or two. One through the front door and one through that window that Rambo was shooting blindly through.

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