A Couple of Canon Star Wars Cannons

Yep, bad puns and Star Wars… Life is good, lol. So I was talking with Jacob over at the Sandcrawler Blog about how Disney is being a bit… random regarding what is currently ‘official canon’.

The video games are a contentious subject with a few fans but there’s multiple examples of things being cherry picked from them. The infamous TIE Defender seen in Star Wars: Rebels was first seen ages ago in the 1994 TIE Fighter: Defender of the Empire flight sim by LucasArts.

For all of those confused here… Don’t panic. This is called a floppy disk. Younglings… *headdesk* LOL

Anyway, here’s the 1994 version, launching from a Star Destroyer:

Anyway, that’s one example.

Knights of the Old Republic 1’s Jedi turned Sith turned Jedi (identity crisis anyone?) Revan has also all but been confirmed as canon in Rise of Skywalker.

Yes, he turns up in SWTOR also. 🙂

Let’s get to the headline though. What I found interesting and had forgotten about is that Star Wars: The Old Republic also had two different beam weapons that likely inspired the planet busting cannons attached to Sith fleet Star Destroyers in Rise of Skywalker

Nerd Rant: She wasn’t a Skywalker, and trying to tie her to that legacy at the end doesn’t make the sequels any better. 😛

OK, now that THAT is out of the way… First, I give you “The Gauntlet” super cannon that the Republic Trooper destroys as part of their class story line:

And secondly, “The Silencer” which the Sith Inquisitor helps complete as part of their class story line.

Both those pictures from my own in-game knowledge database.

As can be seen from the first picture, Dreadnaughts (the SWTOR version of Star Destroyers) had a split nose design, so the weapon was stuck in the nose in both cases instead of underneath.

I haven’t heard it confirmed officially, but it’s a pretty safe bet that those cannons inspired the ones seen in The Rise of Skywalker.

By the way… Grand Admiral Thrawn’s first appearance may have been in Timothy Zahn’s awesome “Heir to the Empire” trilogy, BUT he was also in TIE Fighter: Defender of the Empire long before appearing in Rebels:

The game explains why he wasn’t front and center during the original trilogy: He was off fighting a large group of renegade Imperials on the edge of the galaxy, including the scientists who developed the TIE Defender. Only fitting that he was involved in that as part of Star Wars Rebels also.

The only thing we really haven’t seen out of TIE Fighter yet as part of canon is the infamous Missile Boat:

My friends and I considered the Defender to be a pocket Star Destroyer, given it’s firepower and shields. But if the Defender was a pocket Star Destroyer, then the Missile Boat was pocket Death Star. Shielding equal to a small capital ship. A full power turbo laser in the nose, and the ability to carry and launch more photon torpedoes than a couple of squadrons of X-Wings…. oh and it had a starship equivalent of an afterburner as well for sudden lightning acceleration. I literally wiped out an entire fleet single-handedly with one (NO wingman) in the last mission of the game.

Bad Things, man… BAD things!

The thing is so overpowered, I’d be surprised if it ever becomes official canon.

Getting back on track…

It’s hard to say what’s officially canon out of the games. The storyline from X-Wing and X-Wing Alliance already contradicts canon, so they’ll never be official. Battlefront 1 & 2 are just shoot ’em ups. Starkiller from “The Force Unleashed” is so overpowered that he makes superweapons like the Death Star obsolete, so I doubt those games will ever be canon without some major dialing back.

Still, bits and pieces of Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and the Jedi Knight series are slowly becoming official. Kyle Katarn is official now I believe, and the jet pack troopers seen in Rise of Skywalker were first in the Dark Forces / Jedi Knight series also.

Looks like Rise of Skywalker borrowed alot from video games, lol.

So yeah… Star Wars canon is evolving. At first, the entire Extended Universe was cut out, but we quickly saw Thrawn added back in to start, and it’s been growing since, with bits of EU and game canon added to the (Marvel – no Dark Horse) comics and movies.

5 thoughts on “A Couple of Canon Star Wars Cannons

        1. Silk Cords Post author

          Yeah, I started out on true floppies also. PC-AT systems using IBM DOS too.

          As a side note, it amuses me that so many people now list Bill Gates’ “we’ll never need anything more than a Meg” quote on their urban legends / misquotes lists. I first heard it back in 1984. It’s amused me more and more as we get closer to outgrowing even Terabyte systems… and his buggy damned OS now takes up roughly 19 gigs all by itself.


          1. The Hinoeuma

            You know, I didn’t hear the Gates supposed quote until a few years ago. I never paid that much attention to his stupid ass (and wish I didn’t see his sorry ass, now). I started with Apple IIs and then moved to IBM OS/2. I was forced, kicking and screaming to use a Microsoft system when Gates successfully conned governments into contracts (and my IBM finally died). I was a comfortable keyboard warrior sans a mouse until 1998. I didn’t even have my own computer until an ex-hubby of mine brought me one he was refurbishing in late 1999. I worked on computers but, up until that point, I never found it necessary to have one at home. I didn’t even use it much except to email.

            Each time that Microsoft “upgraded” (using that term EXTREMELY loosely), I fought like hell to keep the previous version as long as possible (totally skipping over the retarded ME version & the nightmare Vista…I still operate on Win7, now). I didn’t even get my first “stupidphone” until I was forced to in 2015 when my beloved Samsung Alias II flip phone gave up the ghost (and you couldn’t find batteries for it, anymore). The only reason I’m on my second stupidphone is because my S5 started to malfunction after only 18 months. My S7 is slowing down and I will continue to use it until it crashes. I’m a big “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” type. I have never been a “latest & greatest” type.

            I’ve never viewed technology as fun. I view it as a tool and that is it. I have no games on my phone nor do I play computer games.

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