Let’s Talk Global Warming

Yes, shoot me now, I’ve threatened a few times to try to dispel some of the myths around it, and I’ve decided to do so since I found a relatively good article about it.

OK, so let’s get a few things straight before anyone starts flinging troll poop in my blog:

First: I am NOT an outright climate denier. That’s just name calling to avoid honest discussion anyway. I believe we’re in a warmer phase right now. What I question is how much of it is man made.

Second: Regardless of what percentage of it is man made, I still strongly believe we as people have a duty to try to clean up the planet and preserve it.

So in short, it’s the rabid fear mongering I object to. It undermines the environmental movement by galvanizing doubters. If you’re not adult enough to understand that, DO NOT bother reading any further.

It’s More Than Global:

A little research will turn up that other planets in the solar system are dealing with warmer temperatures also. We can’t blame mankind for that, so how do we explain it? There are dozens of articles out there by folks on both sides of the argument offering all manner of theories, often outright contradicting each other. None the less, the rise in temperatures on other planets is a reality.

Elliptical Orbits:

Here’s one I bet only a few of you have heard about. Did you know that the Earth doesn’t have a perfect orbit around the sun? Gravitational pull from other planets and fluctuations in the Sun itself can all contribute to the Earth’s orbit drifting a bit closer or further to the Sun, which will obviously have an impact on temperatures. The article I mentioned by Scientific American cites evidence that such a shift was responsible for a severe shift in climate millions of years ago. It also mentions that those same forces can cause tilts on the Earth’s axis, which will impact seasons.

Volcanoes and Comets:

It ALSO mentions that comet impacts and severe volcanic activity can cause shifts in climate as well. Again, the internet is a fountain of conflicting data and misinformation. Depending upon what site you look at, volcanic activity is on the rise, it’s not (we just have better tracking to note more eruptions, lol) OR somehow global warming is making volcanoes erupt instead of volcanoes spewing CO2 are contributing to global warming.

Bottom line though, most sites agree we’re seeing more volcanic activity, and a volcano can spew a horrific amount of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.

Monoxide, Dioxide…

This used to be a joke when the global warming movement was taking off; that politicians couldn’t even understand the difference between carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Carbon Monoxide is the dangerous gas, it’s more caustic and chemically unstable.

Carbon Dioxide is what plants breath and turn into oxygen. It’s also what provides the carbonation in your soft drinks, beer and other drinks. Is it harmless? No. Is it the threat that the global warming crowd makes it out to be? Only if you hate trees.

As somebody who actually paid attention in chemistry class, the misrepresentation here is insulting. Yes, one little atom of Oxygen can make a huge difference too. That’s the only difference between pure water and pure hydrogen peroxide (which can completely dissolve a body, bones and all, if it’s undiluted).

The Unique Physics of Water:

Since I’ve lived close to the ocean my entire life, I can tell you I haven’t seen a modicum of sea level rise in 50 years. Here’s another lesson from my chemistry class that was even used on an episode of MacGyver to break a lock: What’s different about water vs any other common chemical compound in the world?

It EXPANDS as it freezes. Everything else contracts as it goes from a liquid to a solid state. Put water in a cup, add ice to it and see if the water level drops or rises. Or just pay attention to how ice cubes in a tray take up more space than the water you filled the tray with.

What’s more; icebergs have the vast majority of their mass underwater, so if they’re all melting, we should theoretically see a drop in the ocean level before we see a rise from Antarctica completely defrosting.

Here’s another tidbit that at least Canadians should be sharper on: The polar ice sheet expands every winter and shrinks every summer. It’s been that way for hundreds of years at least. I read in elementary school history about the “Northwest Passage” and how even most of the Hudson Bay would be iced over in winter, and settlers would eagerly await spring time and supply ships that would come with the melting ice. I see from a few revisionist history websites that the Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to Pacific was a complete myth before global warming though.

ANYWAY… When you see those pictures and short videos of the poor polar bears out on the ice flow… That’s been business as usual for centuries. Polar bears can swim 60 miles.

AGAIN, maybe it’s worse lately. I’m not denying that. What I am calling BS on is the idea that the polar ice never thawed at all, as the alarmists are regularly implying.

The Earth’s Shifting Magnetic Fields:

I first became aware of this one via the Science Channel, which is very pro climate change overall.

Apparently the Earth’s magnetic field and it’s related protective barriers can be impacted by the molten iron in the outer core of the Earth shifting. Scientists have tied that to weak spots in the fields that protect against solar radiation. That on top of actual drift in the magnetic North Pole’s location. Said weak spots allow for more solar radiation to hit the area underneath it and higher temperatures.

It also apparently shifts quite a bit more than scientists had originally believed. That alone could account for droughts and rainy years in various regions as that iron shifts around

Don’t Like the Weather? Just Wait, It’ll Change…

That’s an OLD Southern axiom. I’ve lived through multiple severe droughts and years of severe rain. I’ve even seen snowfall with accumulation in the SF Bay Area when I was in elementary school also. It sucked because I got sent out to recess and didn’t have a jacket. Who needs a jacket in coastal California?? I nearly froze my arse off.

Point is, it’s natural for the weather to vary. Just like erosion and earthquakes are natural. We live on a relatively young and very active planet. Long ago, all the continents were glued together. Continental Drift hasn’t stopped either. The Southwestern U.S. used to be a hot jungle ages ago, but it’s been a desert for centuries. We’ve lived through ice ages and global jungles. The climate has always been evolving and shifting.

Fudging the Readings:

Here’s where the climate change crowd really hurts their own credibility.

First, we’ve got the elimination and discrediting of past higher temperatures since those don’t fit the dogma. The “Dust Bowl” era was incredibly hot also, and that was nearly 100 years ago.

Second, if you do enough digging, you’ll find reports that old standards to guarantee accurate readings are being ignored. With temperature readings, the monitoring stations are being placed on ‘black top’ asphalt and black tar paper roofs that are natural heat magnets, as well as in direct sunlight. Accurate temperature reading is supposed to mandate in the shade and on a natural surface.

The same has been done with pollution readings also. A prime example is the city of Atlanta, Georgia. It was a well known joke that the machines taking pollution measurements that the state’s car smog control program was based on… were placed right at the end of the runways of Hartsfield International Airport; the busiest airport in the world.

Think all that jet exhaust MIGHT have biased the readings a little?

Dirty “Green” Tech:

Another annoyance of mine. I absolutely love the idea of solar power. Even electric cars are growing on me now that they’ve got range and acceleration.

Neither of these are “clean” energy as they stand now. The amount of ultra toxic sludge that is a byproduct of, and goes into a solar power cell is unholy. Cheap ones will only last 5 to 10 years also, and the best only make it to 20. After that… Into a landfill.

Conventional electric batteries use lead and sulfuric acid. They’re a toxic nightmare. Lithium Ion batteries are toxic also and even give off a range of toxic gases.

Then there’s the other issues as well. Solar panels get really hot. How hot? Well, there are several stories of birds flying over solar farms in the Southern California desert catching on fire as they fly over the panels. The workers call them “streamers” because of the smoke trail they leave as they crash to the desert floor.

Yes, desert. Extreme situation. But solar panels collect heat and you don’t fight global warming by putting a giant hot plate on everyone’s roof.

Am I saying scrap all of these? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I’m saying quit lying that they’re the perfect solution as they stand, and let’s get them improved. There were ancient batteries found in India that apparently used citric acid as an alternative to sulfuric acid for example… You know… Orange Juice.

The answers are out there, we just need to find them instead of jumping headlong into what feels good. It’s that exact mentality that gave us plastic grocery bags. “We have to save the trees!!!” was all I heard around 1980. Fine mess that turned into, all because environmentalists couldn’t think long term and go immediately to reusable cloth bags.

Fires Are NOT Global Warming:

One LAST rant as I see the California fires whipping up this horse crap again. I lived in California most of my life. The fires there are a combination of complete neglect of the state forest system, and the state electrical company letting it’s equipment fall apart.

Fire is nature’s forest management tool. An area gets overgrown, a lightning strike starts a fire and the excessive growth is burned away. Most species of pine trees won’t even open their cones to release seeds unless exposed to fire. Crazy but true.

If you want to prevent nature from self-managing the growth, you have to be willing to go in and clear the excess underbrush and dead trees with people. That minimizes the chance of a forest fire and makes fires that do break out slower to spread and easier to fight. You can’t argue this one with me either. My grandfather was state fire marshall for California.

Wannabe environmentalists with no understanding of nature blocked the forest management though, so the state said fine, and just spent the money elsewhere (taxes are never returned to the people who pay them). Gavin Newsome’s morally bankrupt claims of global warming are just his way of diverting attention away from the state’s failure to protect it’s citizens.

Speaking of failures… I did a related post about PG&E, the statewide power company. They never cleared adequate space around their power towers or maintained their equipment. They’ve been responsible for several fires and gas pipeline explosions over the past 10 years. Here in the South, they clear trees back several yards from power lines just to prevent what California is facing yet again.

I can’t speak for Australia here. I don’t know what their brush management plan in the outback was like before the fires there.

Putting it All Together:

Again, none of this changes the reality that we need to do better by the planet. SOME global warming is likely man-made as well. Even if it isn’t, there’s no excuse for things like the great Pacific Ocean garbage patch to exist (thank you China’s government).

My two major gripes here are:

The doom sayers are turning people off from the movement.

In order to fix any problem, you have to first honestly ID it’s causes. We can’t do that if we’re blaming cow farts for climate change. Let’s fix what we can, improve the existing green tech, and accept that some things are going to be out of our hands… Unless you want to be like the Annunaki and mine gold to put in the upper atmosphere to combat global warming, lol.

At any rate, if we don’t silence the crap, we’ll never get at the truth or a solution. But as with many topics today, the crap is more important to some people than a real solution.

22 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Global Warming

  1. Beck

    All very good points here. I like to do a lot of research on all topics before I go around screaming for a solution. When you look at situations from all angles you get a better picture. I’m old enough to remember that at one point you were given the evil eye for using paper bags instead of plastic. Now it’s reversed. Soon even the reusable bags will be scoffed at for whatever “new” thing needs to be pushed and sold. ALL in the name of making a BUCK!
    Great post Silk!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Thanks. I put off this one for a long time because I kept looking for more information.

      Reusable bags are already scoffed at also, lol. Can’t use them, you might bring germs in. Our bags that sat in a dirty warehouse and then have had hundreds of people walking past them are safer, LOLOL.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Beck

        It’s true!
        Another thing they keep harping on is plastic but they put the burden on the consumer.
        Take disposable toys in a McDonalds happy meal… why? And I’m not saying the government should pass a law against it because I’m Libertarian but why isn’t more pressure being put on corporate companies? Just saying…
        All the pressure falls to the consumer while the manufacturers and corporate keep producing “stuff” we are supposed to “Buy! Buy! Buy!” No wait “Don’t Buy- it will ruin the planet!”
        If the planet is to be saved (which I argue that the earth is far more intelligent than humans and knows how to take care of itself) put more pressure on the producers not the consumers.
        Oh my gosh! Rant over… apologies 😂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Silk Cords Post author

          The pressure gets put on the consumer because we’re a capitalist society (hah!). Consumers have the power of change via voting with their wallet. The one good thing to come out of my time on social media was reading DiGoirno pizza the riot act when they changed to a sugary crap sauce that tasted like it was made by Chef Boyardee. That post got a ton of likes and in roughly a week, that nasty sauce was gone. 😀

          The trouble is, most consumers are dumb and easily led by the nose.

          I agree on plastics too. It got to the point that plastic grocery bags were piling up faster than we could use them for waste cans and cleaning the cat box. At that point I said enough and demanded we start using cloth bags.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Beck

            As a business owner I love capitalism— it’s for the people but very few people are willing to do what it takes to take advantage of capitalism. There are definitely two sides to the coin and BIG corporate is in bed with government so they get to avoid taxes, rules and regulations with loop holes that aren’t available to the little guy. That’s frustrating and I think that’s why most people who are anti-capitalism are that way. Small businesses would not be available to us without capitalism and I’m all about small businesses. Give me the mom and pop store over Walmart any day of the week.

            You are right about the power of the people. But you are also right about most being led around by the nose…AND led around by the nose is exactly why capitalism isn’t taken advantage of (by the people).
            I’ve always tried to just take it to a personal level. One can’t change THE world but one can definitely change THEIR world. Cloth bags are a good way to start! 😀

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      1. The Hinoeuma

        Pretty much.

        One thing that everyone misses from the global warming hysteria is Earth, herself. Everyone acts like we live on a rock that just happens to have weather. We actually live on a sentient being. Everyone, also, conveniently ignores ancient texts of where the North Pole was subtropical (and the ancient texts before we had a Moon). The “experts” have no clue that Earth can shrink and expand and, she can adjust her own atmosphere. The CO2 and heat rising levels are HER…not us.

        We have mucked things up with chemtrailing and HAARP stations. Don’t EVEN get me started on cell towers and the impending 5G nightmare (besides all the damn satellites). She has raised her frequency (May 2000) and there are those that are determined to blanket the surface with frequencies detrimental to human, animal and plant life. I could bring up GMOs…

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Sorry for being slow replying. It’s been one of those days. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping in, truly reading and keeping an open mind. Alot of us who get called climate deniers are nothing of the sort. We simply want to see resources going in directions that will truly make a difference. In the case of solar and electric, they are, but they still need some improvement. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  3. dolphinwrite

    I would say not to softshoe what is understood. I would outright deny there is any real proof that man is destroying this planet. The planet is incredibly adaptable. I wrote an article on this, and one months ago. What I discussed was the infintesimally small amounts of oil in oil spills and more so, CO2 we add to the atmosphere, less than a drop in the first, and less than that in the second. We simply are like tiny amebas on this planet. Yes, we can harm locally, and we should try to protect species, but as to the world, we’re like a breath that vanishes quickly. **I think for some people, it cause them to feel significant if they’re addressing something so big when they have problems managing their own money and lives, a sort of compensation. For others, they’ve been seriously misinformed and propagandized. Yet, I always encourage people to do the research, for the more they learn, the more they realize these “scientists” can’t know. Not yet. And probably not for a millennia beyond. Even then.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Silk Cords Post author

      I suppose we could nitpick the definition of softshoe, but that would be kind of a straw man distraction from the real topic. 🙂

      I go easy on the topic for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, as we both said; there’s alot we still don’t know. We should know more, but science has become FAR too political the last 15 or so years with research largely being aimed at supporting conclusions either way. That’s exactly the opposite of how science is supposed to work. We can’t say we’re doing nothing any more than we can say we’re the end of the planet.

      Beyond that, there’s the simple reality that if society is ever going to come to a rational consensus on this or any other issue, we have to start listening to each other and tune out the talking heads on the extreme ends of everything. Instead of “you’re wrong!”, I’m trying to approach the topic from the standpoint of “OK, I understand you’re concerned about the environment. Let’s talk about what we can legitimately do to change things and what may be out of our hands”.

      Maybe then we can get people to understand that CO2 is a myth; it’s what people exhale and trees breath in to make oxygen. It’s Carbon MONOXIDE CO1 that is the truly dangerous gas. No CO2 = no trees = no oxygen = no mammals. Of course there’s a balance to everything.

      Oil; it’s one of those things that even in small amounts is highly toxic, and carcinogenic. There’s been no long term studies on the damage caused by oil spills. Even if the damage is only short term (which does seem likely), the BP gulf spill utterly destroyed the seafood and tourism industry on the gulf coast for years. People went bankrupt, lost their homes, etc… Don’t get me wrong; there’s NO such thing as perfect safety. Never has been, never will be. I’m just saying let’s look at what we can do better to prevent that kind of thing and make future clean ups more efficient. 🙂



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