Balance, Perspective, and Tuning Out

Time for something vaguely resembling social commentary, since I promised Laura V that I was going to do this post a week ago. It echoes something that’s been on my mind lately, particularly as my pain level drops and I gain fresh perspective on life.

Laura did a post a week or so ago about the need to just set all the political and social drama aside and look for the good, for one’s own mental health. I have to say I completely agreed with it too.

For the longest time, I had the mindset that liberty required eternal vigilance. Turn your back, and corruption and evil will run amok. I scoffed at the new agers who just advocated completely shutting out any sort of news because it’s all so toxic. Stick your head in the sand, and let other clean up the mess.

Anymore, I’m starting to think there’s some wisdom there though.

Why? Look at the messages we get from every source nowadays. “They” are out to get us. We need to oppose THEM, by any means necessary if it gets much worse, etc… And that’s just mainstream pundits on both sides. God help you if you’re spending all your time on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll hear even worse.

Everything anymore is gloom and doom, designed to promote utter hatred, contempt and mental anguish. Very little out there is designed to bring people together. It poisons the soul and erodes mental well being.

I’m beginning to think civilized society is losing the bigger war by focusing on these fights also.

I’ve done a few posts on “being the light” and “being an example“… MAYBE those are the bigger keys to a real victory for humanity. Be the kind of people we want others to be. Let the example we set inspire that change in others.

Yes, it’s work trying to emulate Dr King, Ghandi, Jesus, etc… Hate is easy also, but it’s also destructive to it’s wielder and everyone around them.

I’d say the answer isn’t to turn a blind eye like empty headed new agers only concerned with “good vibes”. None of the three people above turned a blind eye. But they did work for peaceful solutions, understanding others and elevating humanity.

Keep news to a sane level. You can doom surf yourself into a nervous breakdown. Stay detached from stories and remember they’re trying to manipulate you. Work towards good without getting consumed by injustice. Hate can’t be fought with hate, it only grows it.

Remember the other side of any issue are human beings also.

11 thoughts on “Balance, Perspective, and Tuning Out

  1. Laura Venturini

    Yes! I always plan to and then something else. Lol! But I think I’m stepping back and letting people figure some things out on their own. People either want to know or don’t. Gotta take my own advice. Lol!

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      That’s about it. The harder we try, the more resistance we seem to get from the willfully blind. It’s not worth the loss of peace of mind to fight.

      Better to just act as a good example and maintain one’s sanity.

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  2. coffeebeanjen

    I adopted the not my circus not my monkey mindset long ago. It improved my health greatly. I save my righteous indignation for issues like “Why the f*$( haven’t we cured cancer yet?” I think it because it is more profitable not too. Many issues we get worked up about are generational messes. Our great,great,great grandchildren might have a shot at cleaning up the mess if we chip away at it bit by bit.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      The irony is that people are so upset over “how screwed up” everything is that they don’t realize how far humanity has come in the last 250 years or so. It’s been a HUGE jump vs the thousands of years before it.



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