Personal: Decompressing

The last few days were a mess, because I was feeling like hell. Hence no posts.

It was the usual problems with my back and neck. We had new MRIs done and part of my neck is near stage 3 degeneration now. The new chiropractor I’m seeing wants to do spinal decompression treatment:

I did a test treatment yesterday to see how I’d respond, and it seems to have definitely helped. Given that my problems are all compressed and herniated discs, it seems like a good option also.

I have a few lingering doubts here though…

First is the price. All I’ve gotten thus far is “it depends upon the number and duration of the treatments”, and that it’s all expected up front… “to show that the patient is serious about getting better.” Yeah, well… that’s the same line some bad chiropractors use for their regular treatment programs. The proof is in the pudding. If it works, a customer will keep coming back.

The flip side here is that chirorpactic treatment stopped working beyond alleviating severe pain when something is badly out of whack. Acupuncture, based on the MRIs, is helping with pain, but not leading to any meaningful healing. That means the other alternative left is surgery. THAT causes more issues than it fixes and will likely be even more expensive. :\

Second is there’s nothing I’ve seen yet that shows this has long term results. Nuff said there.

Lastly, there’s the issue that I’ve already tried something similar as a home remedy. My Sacramento chiropractor had recommended a gadget called “Pronex” to help with spinal decompression

As it turns out, the angle your neck is at during the decompression makes a big difference. Based on the herniations in my neck, I need to have my head tilted forward some. The Pronex thing only allows for one position, and that actually ended up causing me alot more pain.

I guess I’m nervous about yet another expensive option that may fail or only offer short term relief. I’ve been struggling with this for years now and it’s really wearing me down.

22 thoughts on “Personal: Decompressing

  1. joanne the geek

    I’ve had a bad lower back since I was a teenager. There have been times when it’s been so bad I couldn’t move. I totally understand the feeling of the pain wearing you down, I’ve felt that as well.

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  2. coffeebeanjen

    I hear ya. I know many ppl who have had endless surgeries with no relief. Some it made worse. My mom can barely move some days. I hope you find something that helps.

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  3. wandasanderspoems

    I hate to hear that you have to go through this. I’ve been going through herniated discs for years. It is life altering. At the beginning chiropractors gave relief for long periods of time. I’m looking into laser surgery. Supposedly it is less invasive and has more improvement. Gosh! I hate that ” If you want to get better stuff” its like if you could say what you want, ” no I’m just here cause I had nothing else to do. It’s a humanist attitude for them to say that. Like you caused it. Or cause you want to be ill- which is very far from the truth.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Yeah, it makes me want to smack people too. It’s mainly a hard push sales tactic. The only way they can begin to rationalize it is that some people stop all kinds of treatments early after they start to feel better and then complain loudly when the problem returns.


  4. The Hinoeuma

    Oh. I’ve heard that line before. I’ve been going to a chiro since my late teens. The good ones will determine your issues, adjust you, tell you to rest, suggest some exercises for later and charge a flat fee. The most I have ever paid for an adjustment was $40. When they want money up front without actually performing an adjustment, watch out. When I left in NC for a decade, I was shocked as some of the behaviors of chiros in Texas. I visited no less than 10 different offices and, when I asked how much they charged for an adjustment, I got “depends upon which part of the back needs work.” Um, EXCUSE ME??? Wrong answer. It took me a while but, I finally found a real healer just starting his practice. I’d never had that much trouble with chiros in NC.

    Do you have a TENS unit? Have you thought of a gravity chair? Yoga might help.

    I’m sorry for your pain. I know and understand, completely. And, you are correct…cutting on the body (unless an emergency) has its own problems. I had an across the street neighbor in Texas that had worked for UPS. He blew out his back between his shoulder blades. By the time we moved in, he’d already had 13 laser surgeries…each one compounding the prior one’s problems. He wound up on a permanent morphine pump and can barely move. I’m not even sure he is still alive. He stopped posting on FakeBook about three years ago, shortly after his wife left him.

    I would also encourage meditation, chakra balancing and visualization of purposeful healing. I can provide you with a chakra meditation from one of Chris’s books. Self healing (spontaneous) is possible.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Late getting back to everything here, for the same reasons my posts in general have slowed down.

      Completely agree with the disgust at the language. It’s completely condescending when somebody’s been in pain for years. It’s also a hard sell technique to put a potential buyer on the defensive instead of having to justify quality and value to the customer.

      I have a TENS belt, but TENS is something that can be easily overdone and I haven’t seen much benefit from past attempted use there. No gravity chair, but I do have a very nice office chair, LOL. Yoga is something I’m planning on.

      Your neighbor’s story is exactly why I’m determined to avoid surgery of any type. I’ve heard it too many times.

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  8. inspirechief

    Thank you for the information. I have been contemplating going to a chiropractor for back and shoulder pain. I don’t have near the pain you are going through. I pray that you find the answer. Your information helps. Take care.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Glad it helps. To be honest, my faith in normal Chiropractic treatment is somewhat limited. It was my first Sacramento chiropractor that tore the disc in my neck. She was highly reviewed on Yelp and was the chiropractor for the local roller derby team.

      I did better with my second Chiropractor. Decompression has made the biggest difference thus far though.

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