What the Elites Fear…

I’m going to put a more positive spin on the Tuesday social commentary stuff this time.

On the heels of my “Be the Change” post, I want to talk about what the mega-rich, power elite political and business leaders (and their media puppets) are utterly terrified of… YOU! Not just you actually, but Us… seeing through how we’re being set against each other to the point of needless, senseless violence so that we don’t see how they’re robbing us, keeping us down and and outright working against us.

I’m going to use a couple of short clips from Rise of Skywalker to make the point, since something like this IS their worst nightmare:

Perhaps it’s more appropriate to say it’s HOPE that they’re afraid of. Because when hope rises at a dark moment like today, THIS is what happens:

Note the shock and contempt in the officer’s voice also when he says “It’s not a fleet sir, it’s just… people.”

For the record, I’m NOT talking about violence either. I’m talking about all of us standing up and saying “NO MORE” in one loud, unified voice.

No more corrupt government that thinks we exist to serve it instead of it serving us.

No more divide and conquer, spreading hate.

No more false solutions that only make matters worse.

No more politicians becoming filthy rich at taxpayer expense.

NO MORE putting giant financial institutions and mega-corporations ahead of people, the environment and smaller businesses.

No more pretending too big to fail doesn’t actually mean they MUST be dismantled.

The day we FINALLY stand united and say “ENOUGH!” is when the world changes.

Right now, it feels about like 25 seconds into that clip, where even Poe has given up hope. As that fleet’s arrival shows though, everything can change in an instant. We just have to want it bad enough.

8 thoughts on “What the Elites Fear…

  1. jyvurentropy

    Do you have to tie racism into some big Marxist thing?
    A lot of us think racism and what happened to George Floyd is wrong, but also believe in Capitalism, believe in our government, believe in our country.
    You say you want us to stop being divided, but this is a very divisive post that most conservatives won’t be on board with.
    I’m not a Marxist. I don’t believe the government or rich elites are keeping us down.
    This is exactly what I mean when I say a man’s death has been hijacked to further a leftist cause. Please don’t accuse others of being divisive when you are doing it yourself.


    1. Silk Cords Post author

      The whole thing isn’t left or right, it’s about what’s just plain right.

      Amazon controls 1/8 of the total economy (as much as the ENTIRE health care sector we’re so worried about being socialized) and 50% of the e-commerce market. It’s bigger than the top 8 brick and mortar stores put together, including Walmart. Can you honestly say you believe a virtual monopoly is good for a capitalist system?

      The Dodd-Frank act put almost all smaller banks out of business and left a handful of megabanks that caused the housing bubble in control of the vast majority of the nation’s banking. They took bailouts, jacked up fees, refused to loan the money they were given to jump start the economy.

      The number one way to share information on the internet now is Facebook (God help us). It, and twitter have gone censorship crazed and denied people their voice. Google, Facebook and Amazon all data mine us like crazy and sell our data to everyone and anyone.

      Government… Do a little research. See how many millions of dollars everyone at the top has made; democrat or republican. Trump had that part dead right; it’s a swamp.

      I’m not for Marxism, which by the way, is government ownership and control of the means of production in economic terms. Nowhere in my post did I advocate that. What I am for is REFORM. Getting back to pure capitalism instead of crony capitalism. Kicking out all the bums in Washington and putting term limits in place. Getting people to pay attention to the news and questioning it instead of taking it at face value.

      If you’re truly conservative instead of a Republican, you should be all for those ideas in some form.

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    2. The Hinoeuma

      Think the stock market is a true reflection of a healthy economy?

      Big bank/big biz bailouts never stopped but, the working class gets a paltry $1,200 check…maybe?

      Free market capitalism was shot in the head and buried in the backyard a very long time ago. As long as there are powerful hands in the back pockets of the lawmakers, the law will benefit the wealthy. They have the power and the skill to steer regulation, trends & public opinion.

      We don’t have a functioning country with a functioning Constitution. We have an Oligarchy/Technocracy blend. And, like George Carlin famously stated:
      “They have a club…and you ain’t in it.”


  2. Author_Joanne_Reed

    I agree with your perspective on this. Divide and Conquer policy has been used since the beggining of time. Keeping the people divided, poor, in debt, weak with poor health serves the purpose of the elite who are experts in Problem – Reaction -Solution. If the people were united, self sufficient, prosperous, strong and healthy, it would make the government redundant and without leverage. Revolution starts with a feeling of discontent and are followed by protests (usually accompanied by violence); they are met by more violence and repression from the oppresssed-camp and can result in either victory for the oppressed-camp or their defeat. However, not all revolutions have to be carried out using violence. Nowadays people are kept in servitude because of the huge amount of debt they saddle themselves with throughout their lives. Debt reduces freedom and keep people in bondage. This was an extract from Chapter 10 of my book ‘This Is Your Quest’. Government cannot govern without the consent of the people and that consent can be non-violently withdrawn.


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