COPS Started the Riots in Minneapolis??

There’s an UGLY story going around the internet that it was one or more members of the Minneapolis Police Department that started the riots there. One officer in particular has been singled out as a likely agent provocateur. Jacob Pederson has been accused by several people, including his ex-wife, of being the “umbrella man” responsible for torching an Autozone store in Minneapolis.

Here’s the or A tweet that shows the officer in question and the “umbrella man”

AND a link to the full video via Twitter

Here’s the texts from his ex-wife:

OK, so let’s be clear here… This is NOT absolute evidence. The “umbrella man” was wearing a mask. The cliche about we all have a double (or near double) is true also. It’s easy to fake something like texts also, and “I’m shaking” sounds fake. Exes NEVER have axes to grind either, LOL

Here’s what I notice between the video and the pictures though:

What’s visible of his face does look the same, including a more pronounced eye ridge on his left side.

The perp walks and carries himself like a cop. Watch his posture, and even how he swings the hammer to break the windows is how first responders are trained to break windows.

If whoever this was, wasn’t an agent provocateur, why didn’t he hang around, and why did he react so strongly to be being accused of being a cop?

My opinion:

break down, shake down… YOU’RE BUSTED

Some things make a little more sense also, like the CNN reporter being arrested. The cover up is THAT big.

While I’ve said repeatedly that I’m generally very pro-police and want to believe that most cops are good people, everything about this stinks.

This kind of thing happens more often than we’d like to admit also, such as this one case of police in Canada trying to incite a riot:

I’m leaving it to readers to form their own opinion here.

All of you should be asking why the media is NOT reporting on this. Why they’re actively trying to start a race war by blaming white supremacists (and white people in general) instead of investigating who the instigators actually are. This looting and burning and vandalism also fits the M.O. of Antifa.

Operation Mockingbird is looking very real and still very active at this point. Best wake up folks.

11 thoughts on “COPS Started the Riots in Minneapolis??

  1. The Hinoeuma

    Damn. They arrested the whole f***ing crew!

    I saw the initial videos of umbrella man. I saw him breaking the windows. I noticed, then, the way he was doing it. A guy in a pink shirt caught him and started following him around, asking questions (you can’t hear but, you can see).

    Regarding the ex-wife…the “shaking” comment didn’t interest me as much as the “that’s my mask” comment did.

    Anything can be faked these days, digitally. But, a series of events, all in the same vein & feel? Man-u-facture.

    This is where government education comes in. True teaching & common sense has been removed. We have a nation full of clueless, programmed children.

    I never thought I would see, in my lifetime, people go hysterical-stupid over a flu bug…as if that was a strange thing. Six months ago, these same morons were whining about pronouns on Twitter.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Just realized I never got back to these…

      Well, if you caught the music video and remarks right after it, you know I personally believe he did it. The earlier remarks are just me acknowledging despite my personal beliefs that the evidence does fall just a little short of “Beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt”.

      The guy carries himself like a cop though, and I’m pretty sure that’s what the other guy in the video picked up on too. I’m not sure most people who haven’t been around first responders would pick up on that backhanded glass break with the glass to the side of the body when striking though. He only changes that move on the last window or two as he’s trying to keep the hammer away from the guy with the pizza. I’d be interested to hear your cop friend’s opinion on that part of the video.

      As for the CNN reporter getting arrested, that was STATE police also. That tells me that the corruption and cover-up is pretty wide spread there. I’ve seen reporters try to antagonize crowds before, but this guy was doing none of that. He even volunteered to move his crew where ever the cops wanted on at least three occasions in that video.


      1. The Hinoeuma

        The video I saw was a different angle and shorter than the Twitter one you linked to. That “doubt shadow” is hard to get past if you are actually *there*…in any given situation. But, I am leaning in the same direction as you.

        When I saw the movements…and the attire…my first thoughts were “he’s either got LE training, FF training or MIL training.” I wonder Ken has seen it…🤔

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      I did after you showed it to us, LOL.

      Normally I’d argue that civil rights don’t protect freedom of speech in private situations. You can’t just call your boss dirty words and expect to get away with it. A website has the right to determine it’s content as well.

      HOWEVER… When a tech company comes to all but monopolize sharing of information like Facebook and Twitter have, there’s a strong case with precedents to be made that they lose some of that freedom and are obligated to make sure all sides get a fair shake.

      Besides MadTruther didn’t make the Noob mistake of saying we did have rights there, he said we SHOULD and that he felt the founding fathers would have done so IF they could have foreseen the clusterfuck that modern society is. He’s right IMO.


      1. The Hinoeuma

        The guy (all you see is “TS”) that runs the site used to have his site hosted ON WP. They shut him down in Aug. 2018. He went self-hosted shortly after, using their Dot Org software. He can be a total asshole (I’ve exchanged words with him) but, he is a good news aggregate.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Well, I pointed out in my post what leads me to believe it’s actually the officer. Cops and soldiers have a very distinct walk, and then there the whole eye ridge thing.

      I could be wrong. Coming from a law enforcement family I’d love to believe cops are above this sort of thing. We don’t fix the situation by turning a blind eye to the wrongs on our side of it though.

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