How To Trim Pork Ribs St Louis Style

Yes, it’s time for another ‘Meals Monday’. I’m determined to get back on track here. 🙂

As it turns out, the apartment complex here allows BBQing under specific conditions. Essentially no open flame unless you’re using the charcoal grills in the rec area next to the pool area. Since the smoker is NOT open flame, I can BBQ here.

This was originally planned to be a recap of yesterday’s dinner as I cooked for my sister for the first time. One of my specialties also; pork spare ribs.

Well, yesterday turned into kind of a complete nuclear train wreck. Very little of which had anything to do with the food. The ribs did turn out to be a pretty poor quality meat though; tough and gristly. Not much worthy of showcasing here.

Lesson there: Don’t buy meat from Sam’s Club. Period.

HOWEVER, another opportunity did present itself. That being that ribs are cut and packaged differently depending upon where you live. In California, if I bought pork ribs, it would be just the straight rack. Here in Tennessee, you get the skirt and rib tips included with the rack.

With that in mind, I dug up a good video on how to properly trim pork ribs into a St. Louis style rack:

Personally, I prefer St Louis style. Primarily because I’ve gotten too many “baby back” racks that had no meat to speak of on them. I’ve found that if they’re properly slow cooked, side ribs AKA St Louis ribs can be every bit as tender as baby back ribs also.

Enjoy. 🙂

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