Soccer and the Rise of Secular Religion

Reblogging another great article by Todd Garlington over at the Images blog as I attempt to take a step back, however briefly, from the insanity that COVID-19 infected media and politics has become. I’ve previously posted a recommendation to Todd’s blog as he does an amazing job of analyzing the BS we’re fed by advertisers and the media. Never talked to the guy, but I feel like we’ve got similar outlooks on things.

This article tackles the ever growing cult of worshiping athletes. Soccer players specifically, but the phenomena is hardly limited to them. Read, enjoy and expand your awareness. 😉


A Postdated Prologue

May 4, 2020 | During times of crisis it’s important to sympathize with those less fortunate and offer support within one’s means. It’s important to acknowledge contingency, treat others with respect, and safeguard human dignity. It’s also important to periodically step away from the situation.

COVID-19 has infected millions and claimed the lives of 250,000, but it has also become a virus of the human mind.  Just as the disease preys on those with compromised immune systems and preexisting conditions, it besieges a world rife with obsessive compulsive disorder and heightened anxiety.  Rather than responsibly cover the pandemic, the media has become a carrier, not informing but infecting.  COVID-19, in true viral fashion, has consumed all other subject matter.  So why not go-off topic and read something from the past to remind one of the anticipated future:

Soccer and the Rise of Secular Religion

April 26, 2014…

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