My First Solutions Saturday

Time to start delivering on my proposed once a week look at solutions to problems. No telling how long this will be able to run, but I’m going to give it some serious effort, and my best insight. So, let’s start with two BIG underlying problems that very few people want to address. They’re common to all the situations that we’re facing nowadays.

The BIG Common Denominator:

No games; let’s just say it. The one contributing factor to every problem out there is simply a lack of morals. There, I said it. Probably lost half my readers right there also. Morals are old fashioned. Morals are oppressive. Yadda yadda… I call BS! Read on if you want to see why.

First, let’s get one thing straight. I’m not talking about religion. I’m talking about the basic values that are common to almost every religion and spiritual belief system or philosophy though. Things like don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t murder, and treat others the way you want to be treated. Basic concepts that act as a glue to a civilized society.

Religion helps reinforce the idea of treating others kindly, BUT this SHOULD be such a common sense idea that it can stand on it’s own merit. Same is true with other “old fashioned” ideas like honesty and not stealing.

Too much of the world has developed a “I want what I want NOW and you have no right to tell me I can’t have it” or (more simply) win at all costs mentality. And if you can’t get what you want, have the government steal it for you. Who cares about the other person?

Speeding and zig-zagging in and out of traffic? Sure I caused an accident, and nearly caused four others, but *I* wasn’t in it and I got home one and a half minutes sooner! Same thing with cellphone use while driving. MY text or latest Facebook like is more important than your life! How dare you tell me to put the phone down and focus on driving!?!

Oh yeah, you can drive fine while texting. Tell that to my other half who is still having back pain after getting hit by some braindead twit. If we didn’t own a Subaru, the injuries would have been much worse. Twit didn’t care though. It was just one of those things.

Weeks back there was an 86 year old lady with dementia in Brooklyn who was shoved down over social distancing rules. She suffered internal injuries from the fall and DIED. Coronavirus be damned. Where’s the humanity for our fellow human beings? ME ME ME.

This “the ends justify the means” crap extends to the social justice and political realms too. Remember Jessie Smollet in January of 2019? He paid two Jamaican guys to beat him up and then went to the police filing a false report. He claimed it was white supremacists wearing clothes supporting Trump that beat him up. Oh and screaming that SOUTH CHICAGO(!!!) was MAGA country. And the DA was going to let him get away with it too!

It’s striking at racism, and more importantly TRUMP, so EVERYTHING is justified (right Doug?). More like it hurt the cause of equal rights for black people and damaged the credibility of the political Left.

If we’re going to survive as a species much longer, we HAVE TO get to a point where TRUTH is more important than petty ambition and vanity. Where treating others how we want to be treated is valued more than arrogance and greed.

We have to realize “the easy way” isn’t easier. It’s not gaming the system either. It’s faster, more seductive, but ultimately only hurts yourself, those around you and society in general. It also typically damages your self respect because you know you took shortcuts instead of accomplishing something honestly.

That last part is why you have people trying to tear down the whole concept of morals. It helps them justify the crappy things they do. It numbs their conscience. Even more so if they can start getting others to act the same way.

The whole trouble there is that what you have if everybody can do anything as long as they can get away with it is textbook ANARCHY. It’s might makes right. You’re either the big dog, or you’re ground down under their heel. Is that the kind of world any of you want, for yourself or your children?

Think about it. Everything from predatory capitalism, to communist dictators… from lying reporters to crooked politicians could be solved, at least in large part, if people simply valued basic, universal morals and treated others the way they wanted to be treated.

Can we get there?

I’m up and down on this like a yo-yo. There are days I’m convinced that the majority of humanity is lower than knuckle dragging neanderthals and savages. Then there are other days where I see people rising up to show the very best humanity has to offer. Construction workers and local residents digging people out of the Loma Prietta earthquake here in California decades ago. Relief efforts after Malasyia was ravaged by earthquakes. The way people have come together in the midst of this pandemic. Soooo… I just don’t know.

What does concern me is how the shrill voices out there are trying to turn even the most well intended act into an utter evil if it benefits them to do so. If we can shut them down, we MAY just have a prayer of accomplishing the rest of it and surviving as a species.

OH, and that second big issue… Next post. 😉

This one is long enough.

12 thoughts on “My First Solutions Saturday

  1. Doug

    But is that not in itself the entire point… one person’s “well-intended act” is indeed another person’s interpretation of poor judgement or some element of “evil”? Since you ascribed to me the Trump reference in a post about morals (of all things)…. the man is a poster child (“child” literally, sadly) for highly questionable morals of all kinds. But I have said from Jan. 20, 2017 I don’t question the man’s personal patriotism nor do I consider it any more or less important than my own. In the same vein, I would consider all his actions to be “well-intended”… the issue is that his “good intentions” are simply an accumulation of poor judgement, inexperience, and misguided bias.. all wrapped inside a personification of severe behavioral deficiencies and socio-pathic tendencies. Something like 48% of voting Americans seem to appreciate all that in a leader, so maybe the case is less about Trump and more about those who support him to the (literal) death. Yep.. a cult thing to be sure, but nonetheless still fellow Americans looking to be heard.
    Now this guy is trying to lead the country through the worst national crisis in American history… and still he blunders through his own perceptions and biases. So… yes… I am quite ok with Pence taking over.
    But I tend to agree with your theme here that social morality seems to be wavering a bit. It’s just another element in our current divisiveness.


    1. The Hinoeuma

      99% of office holders are sociopaths and/or psychopaths. Trump doesn’t hold the corner on that market. The Obamanation cultists had shivers running up their legs when that sociopath was elected. Body-count Clinton cultists wailed in the streets when she wasn’t anointed. And, you think Pence would be “better”? What are you smoking?

      Trump “is trying to lead the country through the worst national crisis in American history…” Hysteria over a flu bug and an economy that was poised to crash, anyway (due to MORE sociopaths/psychopaths), before the bug showed up is WORSE than the CIVIL WAR??? Seriously???


      1. Doug

        Of course worse than the Civil War… although if we are doing body counts as the measure… so far this current crisis is not that great compared to most major conflicts in which we engaged. Our current “conflict’ is not over and it’s already sunk the economy for years to come, likely also the world economy, in any number of areas and for any number of reasons.. some not even considered yet. Sounds like you pretty much hate the world.
        My reference to Pence… was that he would be better than Trump, but not in my first ten of intentional choices… or even twenty.
        Consider this for a moment… take this “flu bug” out of the equation. The entire country is going through an economic meltdown of the likes we’ve never experienced before for absolutely nothing more than fear of the unknown. Hysteria? Liberal media hype? Deep State conspiracies? Sociopaths and psychopaths? Does it even matter at this point how minimal or conspiratorial you might think were the origins of all this? Not in the least. What matters is that it’s happening… and while we have yet to get to the level of the Vietnam body count for all the Conservative naysayers to measure the seriousness, or laugh at all that’s going on around you thinking you know better… we seem to be fast approaching that number.


        1. The Hinoeuma

          I most certainly do NOT “hate the world”. That is quite an assumption on your part. “Hate” is a pretty strong word and emotion. My only point with the office holders or…dems dat runs da world…is, those that seek to “govern” really seek power, influence and money. Those that wish to rule over others are sociopathic/psychopathic by their very nature. I’m not talking parents guiding children (though, the aforementioned rulers do reproduce, unfortunately). Altruism is EXTREMELY rare in the ruling class.

          I was raised by two grandmothers that lived thru The Great Depression. THAT was also GLOBAL. Those people were starving. They didn’t have the benefit of the many safety nets built into the system, now. Rent and mortgage moratoriums? No such animal. Tracker trailers still delivering goods? No such animal. Restaurants with take-out and delivery? No such animal. Discussions of UBI? No such animal. WE in the here & now have never been thru THEIR Great Depression, no. And, the same hands that created THAT mess, are creating this one…and the mess that happened in 2008/2009…and 1987. Modern life is a whole different framework than the suffering that went on in the 1930s. And, the ONLY thing that brought them out of that s***hole was WWII. No…Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y (Millenials) and the up-and-coming Gen Z have not experienced a severe depression. But, a crash in today’s terms will NE-VER match what they went thru in the 1930s.

          A crash won’t even translate into the horror of the Civil War. Brother against brother…a nation nearly torn apart. Families wiped out. Sherman’s march. Gettysburg. No. NE-VER. We MAY descend into chaos with looting, rioting and break-ins but, that would only bring about the NG troops. Regular people trying to live regular lives and raise families…those are the folks that will pull together. Things may become more local or regional. Individual county Sheriffs may wind up being the best local enforcement, deputizing help. I have more faith in regular work-a-day folks than I do “the rulers”. Those that look to the government to FIX things are fools. WE will have to FIX THIS. The “money changers” have shot their wads and all that’s left is the whining.

          And, regarding body count…comparing this bug to the Vietnam War or believing this is worse than the Civil War is SO out there…all I can say to that is…*facepalm*


            1. The Hinoeuma

              Only the minority of socio/psychopaths…the ones trying to devastate the rest of us…the ones that drive the global narrative…the ones that want the majority of us DEAD.

              Ah, so you have visited my site. Speaking of which, read some of the Chris Thomas material I have. You might reach a greater understanding.

              And, thank you. Compliment appreciated. 😁


  2. Silk Cords Post author

    Unfortunately moving work and then Easter kept me away from this. First of all, I expect people to play nice here. Debate is good, strong wording and innuendo isn’t needed however. Likewise Doug, you have a bad habit of making assumptions about fellow bloggers with very little to support them. It comes close to ad hominem attacks at times.

    NOW… Getting back to the actual issue at hand… “One person’s well intended act is another person’s evil” (slight paraphrase)… Is nothing but moral relativism, and is always used by people taking a “by ANY means necessary” approach. How many 10s of millions died because Lenin and Mao thought eliminating dissent was ultimately good for the proletariat, comrade? Ironic that the Antifa crowd don’t even appreciate that they’re imitating Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

    The True and Bigger point to the post was about exactly THAT kind of person; the one who will do and say ANYTHING to push their agenda. Is Trump so bad that filing false police and civil rights charges is justified to SLANDER him, conservatives and white people? If you answer yes, you need to take a good long hard look at yourself and your values in the mirror. As bad as your bias with Trump is, I think you know that incident was dead wrong though.

    Fine, let’s derail the post and debate the orange man though…

    As far as those “severe behavioral deficiencies and socio-pathic tendencies”… I could spend all day documenting lie, misrepresentation and slander by democrats and the media regarding Trump. Biden blackmails the Ukranian government and brags about it to the CFR on tape, and you have nothing to say. Hillary’s campaign weaponizes the FBI and CIA to gather information on Trump’s campaign, including committing perjury to the FISA courts, and it’s all justified.

    Definite double standard there, as Nixon was run out of office for the same sort of spying via private operatives. There’s no way to justify it rationally, so you’ll say it never happened, and when the criminal indictments start coming down in a few months, you’ll say it’s Trump abusing his power. Do you really want to live in a banana republic where the FBI and CIA can be turned into the Stasi and used to ruin people with political differences?

    As far as Trump’s inept bumbling around this virus… Would that include the January 30th travel ban to and from China? The one that had democrats saying that it was a complete over-reaction, COVID-19 was nothing, and that Trump was a racist, xenophobic, hate monger and determined to ruin relations with China? How about when Trump put travel restrictions on Europe and the same things were said? There’s plenty of video out there proving it happened.

    Is Trump responsible for the New York governor ignoring a 2015 report by his own Department of Health that said NY needed 16,000 ventilators in case of a pandemic? Instead Cuomo told them to figure out how to ration the 2000 they already had.

    Would that likewise include Trump getting the Army Corp of Engineers building hospitals all over the country, including at least 3 in and around NYC while the governor and mayor did nothing but whine and finger point? How about him getting those hospitals staffed, and sending the hospital ships to NYC and LA?

    There were blunders and mis-statements all across the board early on: Dems, Pubs, and the press. How about we point the blame at China and the WHO where it really belongs. They colluded to provide the rest of the entire world with BAD information. It was THAT information, relayed to those same dems, pubs & media, that caused all the mis-statements. Trump is the only one held accountable for getting bad info though. And if he fired the leaders responsible for their lack of fact checking, THAT would be evil and horrible judgment too.

    We even have Mika Brezinzki and her fellow MSNBC slanderists badmouthing hydroxychloroquine as a cure. Trump must be profiting from it somehow”, “It’s unsafe and untested (despite being around for 60 years and used in higher doses to treat malaria and lupus)”. MSNBC is scaring people away from a drug that now has more than anecdotal evidence of working, and therefore is delaying the end of the pandemic and helping kill people.

    This last bit is funny in a warped way to me, because I’ve said several times, and I think posted once or twice, that Trump could suddenly come up with the cure for cancer and the smear artists out there would say he only did it to profit from suffering and for political gain. Damned if I wasn’t proven right.

    Trump’s been accused of being completely power mad since before he took office, and now the critics are saying he’s not taking enough power. No matter what he does, there are way too many people who are going to find a way to twist it into something horrible.

    If I seem like two different people posting at times, it’s because I’m capable of setting aside biases when looking at people and situations. I don’t like Trump’s usual personality. He’s abrasive as sandpaper normally (fairly somber the last 2 weeks though). I think his keeping interest rates artificially low is going to make the pending recovery harder than it would have been otherwise. We can’t lower interest much now in order to stimulate growth. He’s a typical US big businessman in that regard and only understands short term goals and profit, not long term growth and profitability. I’m willing to give him credit when he does right though instead of label EVERYTHING he does as ego-driven, incompetent or outright evil.

    Same is true of Obama by the way. I think the man had absolutely NO grasp of economics or business. His policies kept the country in a recession longer than needed. HOWEVER, I don’t blame him for the Bush era policies (by both parties) that caused the recession in the first place, AND I don’t think Obama was evil either (unlike Hannity). I think Obama genuinely meant well and thought he was helping the little guy. He was a product of his far left education though.


    1. The Hinoeuma

      I missed this. You replied to your own post instead of the chatter thread. I was just checking to see if Doug had done the same.

      I thought I was playing nice. I know that texting “protocol” is not to type in caps. It’s considered shouting. If I were blogging, I would bold, instead. I’m not entirely sure HTML tags work in the comment section. I’m more into emphasis to highlight pronunciation than to shout. I’m not understanding the innuendo part, tho…

      I am no Trump fan. He is a Roy Cohn-trained gangster. That being expressed, he can’t do anything right and it irritates me that, there are those that think he is the worst prez we’ve ever had. I’m sorry that your beloved HRC didn’t get on the throne but, Trump is hardly the worst.


  3. Silk Cords Post author

    Doug sometimes shuts down when confronted with facts, but to be fair to him, I’ve cracked down on him pretty hard in the past about misrepresenting things or people (ie that you hate humanity remark). Ergo he may have assumed further commentary wasn’t welcome.

    He can be pretty nice, and pretty insightful, but he has world class TDS. Like you, there’s quite a few things I don’t like about Trump, but I’m willing to give him credit when he does right. This deranged media lynch mob mentality where everything has an evil motive is scary. Heaven help the extreme Trump bashers if the media turns on them in the same manner.


    1. Doug

      Actually, I’ve never felt about “coming down pretty hard” on me in the past… generally you tend to ignore my comments. It’s one reason I started a dialog with Hinoeuma or the occasional other replier that might meander through here. I find my “ad hominem attacks” that appear to be my “bad problem in making assumptions” about posters in here, not any difference than you pointing out that I have a “bad problem in making assumptions”…. in commenting to him “Sounds like you pretty much hate the world.” A simple observation… to which he responded.
      BUT.. matters not because this is your blog, your rules.. and life is full of choices. I embrace the TDS accusation actually…. but you have little interest in the how and why.. and that’s the difference between you and me… and that’s why you will blindly follow that guy right over the cliff. At the risk of entertaining my problem of making more ad hominem attacks I’ll be taking my leave. I’m far too busy appreciating all the “good” he’s has done.. and is currently doing… for the country.



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