I Want People Caned and Flogged!

Yes, I’m serious, and no this isn’t some bondage post, LOL. It’s Tuesday Trash and I need to vent a little instead of continuing to play cheerleader. There’s numerous stories out there of people rising to the occasion with this virus. There’s also alot of selfishness and stupidity on a level that really makes me wonder if the new world order folks aren’t right about needing to thin the population. I won’t go THAT far, but some people really do need public beatings. Who?


Right at the top of my list. I’m VERY pro-capitalism. When it’s guided by a moral compass and common sense, it’s done more to lift people out of poverty than any other economic system out there. PREDATORY capitalism like buying a store full of toilet paper or hand sanitizer so you can scalp it at three times the price or more to people suffering through a pandemic…

These people need to be tied to a post and be caned in public, then put in stocks while the crowd is allowed to throw garbage at them.

I’d put commodities traders in this group also, since this is essentially how they make money all the time. THAT is another post for Solutions Saturday on fixing capitalism though.


A prime example of why the gene pool could do with some thinning. I’ve heard multiple stories here the last few weeks. The first I believe was a couple of teens in Virginia coughing on a grocery store’s produce and uploading the video of it to social media. One more recent example is a Pennsylvania woman who similarly forced a grocery store to throw out $35,000 in produce after coughing all over it as a prank.

At last report, she was being charged with making terroristic threats and other offenses. That’s the least of what should happen to her. She’s depriving people of food in a time of shortages. Since she’s spreading fear and contributing to destabilizing the community, I’d have outright charged her with domestic terrorism.


I’m throwing in politicians, pundants, special interest groups and the media here. Every time I turn around I see somebody spreading lies, misinformation, twisted statistics in an effort to gain personal power. After the 9/11 attacks, the country set aside political differences and came together to deal with the situation. Any disagreements (at least initially) were stated as “I think this is a better option” instead of “The administration is completely incompetent and has blood on it’s hands”.

Bernie Sanders is now out of the race, but his statements about COIVD-19 will kill more than World War One were completely unsubstantiated by any sort of facts, irresponsible and made solely for the purpose of gaining ground on opponents in the primary and general elections.

I’ve said before I do NOT like defending Trump. I hate his personality. Still when I see the news hammering that he’s done nothing to resolve this crisis, I want to scream.

Everybody is REALLY quick to forget that he ordered travel restrictions to and from China back on January 31st. TWO MONTHS AGO. Back then, the Trump Derangement Syndrome media called him racist, xenophobic, hateful, and accused him of trying to destroy the economy via the ban’s supposed effect on imports.

He did the same with Europe and was met with similar cries of racism and xenophobia. He’s been hammered for things that the government has very limited control over such as the production of masks and ventilators. This is (used to be) a free country where private business controls it’s own means of production. Businesses are stepping up and starting to make supplies in record numbers too. Sometimes for free!

Getting back on point though, if you listen to the news, there’s NOTHING Trump or other foreign leaders can do right at all. Most of this criticism is coming from people who are politically opposed to these leaders and would do ANYTHING to bring them down. They care nothing about the damage they’re doing to their countries, only gaining power.


A special sub-category of the last group. I’m talking about people and agencies that have tried to cover up their own incompetence or cash in on this to grow their own influence. I’m developing a special hate for Anthony Fauci at this point. The man is shamelessly making the rounds on any media outlet that will have him spreading all manner of fear. Everything from this potentially being as bad as the 1918 Spanish Flu to it being a seasonal thing that the world will have to adjust to occurring every year.

Even a basic understanding of diseases shows that last one is complete BS and fear-mongering. The reason that the Spanish Flu and 2010 Swine Flu don’t make the news anymore is that viruses tend to devolve over time. The worst strains of a virus kill off their hosts and thus die out, and the remainder of a virus may survive, but people develop antibodies to it.

On the flip side, there’s the CDC feeding the White House bad information at first, and the WHO helping China cover up the true extent of it’s epidemic, thus slowing response to the disease. These agencies are tasked with fighting epidemics, not helping spread them!!!

Similarly there’s the US Surgeon General going on TV a while back and telling people not to wear masks, they don’t help. That was apparently to cover up the administration knowing there was a shortage of masks and wanting to save them for health care workers. The only real question here was who above and below him was responsible for the idea to promote this misinformation? Probably some of his underlings and peers in the President’s Cabinet. I won’t rule out Trump himself. When the man screws up, I’m more than happy to say so.

Tucker Carlson had it right here: At this point, the government, all of it, has a credibility problem. People know when they’re being lied to. They also see the widely varying predictions and advice. If the government wants it’s response taken seriously, it has to shoot straight with the public.


He had it right. “Trust is critical”. BTW, the actual commentary starts at the 1:54 mark on that video. Before that is a recap of the measures being taken in New York City.

OK, end of rant.

Let the beatings begin.

6 thoughts on “I Want People Caned and Flogged!

      1. The Hinoeuma

        LOL! Yeah. I know. But, but, but…you are far more eloquent than I.

        I have no filter, either, actually…and, the older I get, the worse it gets (blunt as a brick). My maternal grandmother was “…as red-headed as a peckerwood…” (her words). So was her maternal grandmother… So are several of my maternal cousins… My hair is very dark (and graying slower than most of my classmates) but, when I was a kid, it was a lovely reddish-brown. It didn’t become dark until I hit puberty. However…add a little peroxide and I look like a ginger tabby cat. LOL!

        Do you follow blogger “Bitchin’ In The Kitchen”?

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Well, I have two problems here:

      1) Having studied it for so long, I’m acutely aware of bias words and manipulative language. I could do a long running blog just on that topic,

      2) I live in the capital of California, where even the local Fox affiliate is to the Left of Attila the Hun, LOL

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