410 + 721

No, not an addition problem. When are my headlines ever that straight forward? LOL.

410 + 721 is actually my current WordPress situation. I hit and surpassed the 400 follower mark (yay!!). With no notification from WP either. >(

I’m also sitting on a backlog of 721 unread wordpress related emails in my inbox. All it took was a few days “off” to try to work on the house to get to that point also. I’m still not sure how much of that I’m going to try to catch up on and how much will just have to sadly go by the wayside.

Networking is an important part of blogging and I try to return the support I’m given. I’m only human though. That despite my best efforts, LOL.

On the bright side, we have one lowball offer on the house. IF we can negotiate them up, we might be done with that phase of the insanity. Ironically, with the virus hysteria destroying the economy, we’re now wondering if a mostly blind move across country is such a great idea at this moment. There’s a stable employment situation here after all.

Well, we will negotiate, wait, watch and:

Yep, more comic book geekery. Sometimes there’s strong, simple truths in fantastic stories though.

This message brought to you courtesy of the Blue Lantern Corps, reminding all of the importance of Hope. 😀 😛

Oh and yes, for those wondering; Barry Allen was a Blue Lantern during the Darkest Night.

OH, and I didn’t forget my revised blog format either. The chaos has simply thrown a wrench into that briefly. We’ll get back to it soon. For the moment though, the world MIGHT be able to do without Tuesday Trash. 🙂

12 thoughts on “410 + 721

    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Taken Under Advisement. 😀

      As for the sale and move, we’ll see how willing to negotiate they are. They offered 10% less than asking price and the house is very fairly priced. If it goes through, we’ll take it as a sign from above to have some faith and go for it. It’ll either be that or God will tell us “it should have been so obvious that you should stay that you needed no sign”. ROFL.


  1. The Hinoeuma

    You’ve got 721 emails from your blog? DAMN. Now I know where you get your blowback from. Definitely not in comments…

    Thanks for explaining Barry. I was looking at that and thinking “BLUE Lantern???” LOL!

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Blowback is sometimes in other blogs. I try to be much more diplomatic if I disagree at all in somebody else’s blog. It IS their turf after all. Some people get butt sore over anything though.

      Blue Lanterns… Yep, it’s a LONG story and is one of the previously mentioned failures of modern comic book writing. They took an interesting idea and ran it into the ground until they broke their canon. It started out as *A* Green Lantern decades ago, then we got a Green Lantern Corps. Then Sinestro became a Yellow Lantern. Then more recently Geoff Johns blew everything up. Sinestro created his own Corp of yellow lanterns (fear). Then we got Red lanterns (rage), THEN Blue Lanterns came along channeling Hope. Then the Star Sapphire became a Corps that channeled love (passion really), Then we got *A* Orange Lantern, representing Avarice, and a Violet corp representing compassion. Oh and for good measure after that, we added a Black Lantern corp representing Death, AND a White Lantern representing Life.

      It got so bad that even DC started mocking itself. One character in their books remarked that it was looking like the entire universe was farting rainbows, LOL. They did a BIG clean up on this, destroying most of the rings, etc… and limiting the other corps to much smaller numbers.

      Never one to learn from it’s mistakes though, a few years back DC started introducing rings that worked on non-visible light spectrums. Infrared representing shame for example.

      Given the way each color and it’s emotional energy have specific strengths and weaknesses, I think Geoff Johns is trying to send some subtle spiritual message to readers. Trying to set up the First Church of Spiritual Energy via preaching in comic books is probably the wrong way to go about it though.


      1. The Hinoeuma

        Geezus. What a mess. Marvel has done the same s***. So, I guess Barry decided to stop “Flashing” & take up “Lanterning”? 🤔🤨😳

        I grew up reading my dad’s comic books…Weird Mystery, The Witching Hour, Weird War Tales… He had also managed to hang onto some old, original Tales from the Crypt before EC shut down.

        I didn’t start buying my own comic books until the middle 90s and, then, I was in Marvel, not DC.

        Johns sounds like a New Age type.

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        1. Silk Cords Post author

          It’s a LONG convoluted mess at DC to explain. Barry and several other heroes and villains were temporarily given rings of various colors to fit their persona during the “Blackest Night” event. This to give the universe a chance against the Black Lanterns. Batman’s enemy scarecrow got a fear (yellow) ring for example, Barry got a blue ring because he’s hopeful, Lex Luthor got an orange ring (avarice), etc… When all was said and done though, all those temporary rings disappeared. Barry is back to being a Flash in the pants, LOL.

          Johns definitely seems to be a closet new ager. A few of his “lessons” with ring colors make sense though. Blue rings can do a few amazing things, but are otherwise fairly weak without a Green Lantern nearby. Likewise, a blue ring supercharges a Green Lantern ring to 200% The idea there being that hope is largely worthless unless backed by willpower (action). Likewise willpower is just stubbornness without hope to help fuel it.

          Johns also got drunk on his imagined success there (despite having to tear it al down). He later took over the Flash franchise and decided that having a “Speed Force” wasn’t enough. They needed a slow force, a strong force, a smart force, etc… Last I heard, the fallout from that was being used as an excuse for another reboot where younger character would take over the roles of all the existing heroes. Lucius Fox’s son was going to be the new Batman for example.

          And Marvel and DC wonder why they continue to hemorrhage readership



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