That’s right, all of you! Just kidding, LOL

It has been one of those weeks though, hence my being away. I occasionally joke about being a redhead and the moods that can come with it. Reality is, I hate turning into or channeling (figuratively) my grandmother. I’d prefer peaceful, reasonable conversations with people and to be able to maintain a Zen-like calm. It seems like there’s always somebody absolutely determined to throw a boulder into the pond however.

The last week plus, it’s been the Home Owner’s Association, My Acupuncturist and our Realtor.

The HOA:

has been a long running problem. Around 15 years ago, a previous owner took our midcentury modern style house, and put in new windows, widened the driveway, put in a security gate, and a few other minor things that put the house solidly outside of the CC&Rs (covenants, conditions and restrictions).

Thing is, there’s a 5 year limit on any kind of enforcement action for these things in California. The HOA has made varying amounts of noise about them since we moved in 7 years ago. For the sake of being good neighbors, we’ve tried to work with them on the smaller stuff too. Now that they know we’re moving, suddenly they’re dropping veiled threats about screwing with the sale of our house. There’s a reason Association is abbreviated Ass.

So, net result here is I had to draft up a letter (well, email) to the HOA board and it’s property management company and tell them they were outside the law, even with the exceptions made for that 5 year limit, and that if they took any action to screw with our home sale, we’d sue the HOA, the individual board members and the PMC for tortious interference and anything… everything else our lawyer could come up with.

No word back from them yet, LOL. HOAs are like many ideas nowadays; a good concept to protect the value and quality of life of a neighborhood that’s far too often completely abused by power mad twits who selectively enforce rules.

Where ever we buy next time will NOT have an HOA.

The Acupuncturist:

This one is shorter. Parking at their office is an utter nightmare, like almost everywhere in downtown. They have a small garage with paid parking. The spaces are almost always full and they’re small enough to barely accommodate a Mazda Miata or Mini Cooper. Even when I can find a space, I have trouble fitting the Grand Marquis I drive in there.

Last time, I drove around 20 minutes trying to find any place to park. In and out of the garage twice also. At the point I was late for my appointment, I said screw it and cancelled. The acupuncturist emailed back and said there was plenty of parking and asked if I was sure I was in the right garage, etc… Apparently I’m mentally defective or senile. I kept my cool though. I emailed back and while I did say that talking down to customers wasn’t a good way to keep them, I also said that my treatments had always helped but I wouldn’t be coming any more because they don’t provide adequate parking and their front desk people have an attitude about helping people.

The Realtor:

Last and hardly least. We had to fire our Realtor after a week. Not just any Realtor either. My former boss, and a Dave Ramsey endorsed local provider. Communication was gawdawful, commitments weren’t being kept, we were lied to several times, and even called liars when we told him we verified things that weren’t being done by his agent holding open houses. When I pushed the issue of not receiving any sort of marketing plan outline despite several requests, his response was essentially “shut up, I know what I’m doing”.

At that point, I fired him. He was told to come get his sign out of our yard and email us an unconditional release of contract or I’d drag him in front of the state Department of Real Estate and the Realtor’s Association for multiple violations of his fiduciary duty.

The stories started changing at that point. As the country song goes though; “It’s a little too late to do the right thing now”. After a day of trying to get us to keep him as our Realtor he finally got the sign, removed the lock box and sent us the release.

NOW we get to start screening realtors all over again. You can bet the next one will NOT allow their agent to use our open house as his kid’s playground, will actually inform us that there IS an open house and will show up on time and not leave early.

Just another day in sunny, brain dead California…

So, any of you all ever wonder why I’m so stressed out and high strung all the time… It’s dealing with garbage like this every day.

11 thoughts on “YOU’RE FIRED!!!

    1. Silk Cords Post author

      I’d say it can’t get any worse, but somebody would be darned determined to take that as a challenge. LOL.

      This too shall pass though. We’ll just screen the next realtor more carefully and be very clear on what our expectations are.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Indeedily, LOL. It’s either laugh or scream. I’d prefer to laugh despite my occasional rants here. Life is too short for the toxic garbage I see so many people carrying around nowadays.


  1. The Hinoeuma

    I’m still laughing over the boulder in the pond reference. Some folks are just determined to be a pain in the ass. Power hungry adults were either victims of bad parents or a schoolyard bully…also a victim of bad parents. Insanity can be generational.

    I’m sorry for the hassles. I know how desperately you want to get out of there.

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