Crash and Moving Update

A couple of quick updates

First, the crash did more damage to the Forester than we thought. Initially, we thought only the bumper and it’s cover was damaged:

Subarus have an excellent reputation for crash protection, but I was skeptical that there was that little damage when the Honda involved had it’s whole front end mangled. We crawled underneath the back end and saw this:

What would be called the trunk pan on a regular car (not sure what it’s called on an SUV) is all crushed and pushed forward. Looks like the Subaru will be in the body shop for a while for some cut and weld work.

For the life if me, I cant figure how it happened and the bumper remained in it’s original position. One theory is that the Honda went under the bumper. There’s no black paint on the bottom of the bumper cover or the undercarriage though. That leaves us with the bumper is spring loaded (never heard of such a thing) or is somehow designed to pop back into place. As best I can tell looking underneath, the rear bumper appears to be in place and not crushed up against the rear of the undercarriage.

With the extra damage, and my other half’s x-rays showing some spinal issues, we’ve gotten a lawyer also. I hate lawyers, but sometimes they serve a purpose. I found out the Highway Patrol officer that arrived at the accident didn’t do any kind of an accident report or issue a citation to the twit on the cell phone either.

And I wonder why I want out of this state…

Moving… We’re aiming for next week for finally listing the house. It will be close either way. I’m going to be working my arse off to make it happen.

7 thoughts on “Crash and Moving Update

  1. Liz

    Oh yeah, that’s going to be fun. For the love of heaven, get the ROI done, so when the lawyers start talking, your husband’s medical records are available to them. Otherwise they’ll badger you to death with “Well why did you go to the ER?” Also – one lousy cop. We went through this when (you guessed it) some dip was looking at his phone, and presumed that because traffic was moving, so could he. Grrr!

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  2. Silk Cords Post author

    Yep. Enough said on most of it. 🙂

    ONE lousy cop isn’t the issue here. It’s a state full of cops that either don’t give a damned OR more frequently are handcuffed by politically correct superiors and the idiot laws here that have decriminalized drug use and dozens of other crimes.

    Sac PD’s day shift seems good enough. Just try getting the dispatchers to send a unit for ANYTHING nowadays. Look at what happened with my assault back in August and the way he came back and STILL wasn’t arrested after I wanted to press charges.

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  3. The Hinoeuma

    Yeah. You need to get the f*** outta that state. GEEZUS.

    Looks like twit slid underneath. Her front end was pointed downward, at an angle (it was a little Honda, yes?). I see the scrape marks under the bumper. Most bumpers, today, are designed to flex. The industry moved away from hard, metal bumpers to flexible bumpers and air bags. The idea was, hard hits are worse than rolling, softer hits. Your bumper flexed, then her front end caught the metal behind it. That’s why she had so much damage and you appeared not to.

    MANY years ago, I rear-ended a 1989 Dodge Omni (remember those?) with my 1991 Eagle Talon. My low front end ran up under her Dodge and I pushed her underneath a Toyota pickup. Both of them rolled out of their vehicles. The guy in the Toyota looked, got back in and drove off (we were all at a stoplight). The Omni was clear, underneath his bumper. She tapped him but, neither had any damage. After he was gone, she rolled up, came back to me to make sure I was OK, looked under her Dodge and she left. Apparently, I didn’t do enough damage to her metal bumper for her to care. MY CAR, on the other hand…OY. The impact rolled my hood and busted out both pop-up headlights. I CRIED. I loved that car.

    In the midst of falling apart, a law enforcement officer just *happened* to be at the gas station at the corner. He watched it happen. I never saw his face, just his shoes, his weapon and his phone. He handed me his phone for me to call my then-hubby and said “The sun was in your eyes, wasn’t it?” Yes. Yes it was. As a matter of fact, Omni woman had her left tail light/brake light out and I was nearly blind. The one part of her car I COULD see was the part where the brake light didn’t work. I got my car fixed but, the paint job was never right after that.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Why? It’s not like Sacramento was named the city with the worst drivers in the country by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

      …Oh wait. LOL

      Well it’s not like there are mentally unstable homeless people roaming the neighborhood and yelling randomly at passing cars, or that neighbors are finding drug kits left on their mailboxes and the police won’t do a single thing… Oh… yeah… nevermind.

      Yeah, we’re getting the hell on. LOL

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  4. Silk Cords Post author

    Hard vs cushioned impact is all relative BTW. back when I was 11 or so, my mom was driving a hand-me down 1968 Olds Delta 88 from my grandparents. She was rear ended in the parking lot of the local grocery store by a corvette. Whole front end of the corvette was destroyed. Didn’t even scratch the chrome on the bumper of the Olds. LOL


    1. The Hinoeuma

      OMG. Interesting you should mention a Delta 88 and being 11 years old. At some point in late 1977 (I was 11), my parents were out scouting for a new house. They were driving their somewhat new 1977 Toyota Celica hatchback…silver. On the way back home, a half a mile from our driveway…in my dad’s words “This little old lady in her block-long Delta 88 ran a stop sign, right in front of me and your moma. That was the moment I realized that you can’t broad slide a car with brand new radial tires on dry pavement. I did manage to cut the wheel, pull up on the emergency brake, spin just enough and hit that damn Delta at an angle to keep from t-boning her. I knocked her into the yard of a house to her right, across from where she was driving. Your moma took a hit to her shoulder but, was otherwise OK.”

      I remember that they were wanting to have it repaired but, the frame to the car was bent and it was only about six months old. They took the insurance money, instead. Pissed them both off. We loved that car. My dad was in law enforcement so, he had been trained on how to maneuver vehicles.

      That corvette didn’t stand a chance. LOL!

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