Balance, Lack of Balance and Why It Matters

This post was inspired as I watched the evening news and they reported on how one of the local suburbs was complaining about the increase in crime since the county’s new jail was opened there. Even the Sheriff’s department representatives interviewed danced around the cause of all the trouble. Orders to be politically correct from leadership no doubt.

I got mad at first, because the problem stems from changes in California law that make many crimes a low level misdemeanor. For the majority of crimes now, people are booked and immediately released. Nobody in government wants to admit that the law is a failure though.

Yes, this post is about balance. We’re going there now. 🙂 Instead of staying mad, I decided this was a teachable moment. Something to illustrate how out of balance some thinking and laws are nowadays.

I’m going to use the Tree of Life from Kabbalah to illustrate proper balance. Bear with me if Kabbalah isn’t your thing. I’m not an expert on the subject (although I sure know more than Madonna, lol). No conversion attempts, etc… This IS a perfect illustration of what so many people don’t grasp though.

So, below is the Tree of Life. It has several different meanings depending upon your level of study. We’ll keep it super simple here. The left side or pillar represents “severity”. The right side represents “mercy”. The middle pillar represents balance.

Sefirot are “emanations” of the various aspects of God. But again, no conversion lectures. The main thing to look at is how the right side of the Tree is balanced by an equal but opposite attribute on the other side of the Tree.

Ambition and humility balance each other. Discipline (ie consequences) should be balanced by Kindness, In the case of laws and enforcing them. All discipline = a tyranny. All kindness… Well then we’re at where we are in California and New York as well from what I hear. Criminals have more rights than people and we’re almost at an anarchy situation where the only true law is might makes right.

Either extreme is bad, just as almost any human conception of good can be taken too far and twisted to evil. Holding strong on one’s faith vs inquisitions and holy wars for example.

Higher up the Tree is a similar lesson. Understanding (book knowledge) must be balanced by Wisdom. Right now, science is running amok with genetic manipulation and artificial intelligence development because scientists nowadays have no wisdom to consider the potential consequences of their work. Only the hubris of proving they can do something matters.

Note that TRUE Compassion is a balance of humility, ambition, discipline and kindness. All six outer Sefirot actually, as it also takes understanding of a person’s problem(s) and wisdom to know how to best help them to help themselves. Compassion is NOT just blindly allowing somebody to continue on a path that is destructive to themselves or others.

For the purposes of this post, the big point to the Tree though is that while all these emanations or virtues are Godly and worthy of aspiring to, they all work best when balanced by one another.

Another reason why it matters is that society, like the universe, instinctively seeks that balance. Pull too hard one way and society will eventually pull even harder the other way. Then the pendulum swings to the opposite extreme. Despite some of my past rants about crime and such, I fear a swing to the opposite extreme just as much. The only way to avoid that is by working for a balance that (in the case of crime), protects the rights of victims, the general public, AND the accused.

Now… GO! Seek Balance! 😀

8 thoughts on “Balance, Lack of Balance and Why It Matters

  1. The Hinoeuma

    The Universe does, indeed, seek balance…for, without it, our Universe would collapse…again. We are already on our second go-round.

    It’s interesting to see that the tree of life picture is rather similar to chakras, as mapped by the Sumerians (way before the Hindus).

    I don’t do religion. All of that was effectively wiped away when I stumbled across the Chris Thomas material (Welsh psychic healer & Akashic reader) in a quest for understanding after some unusual things happened to me.

    Everyday, I read and try to look for humanity’s awakening. I am disappointed most of the time…with a few exceptions.

    There are forces at work, in the background, that are purposefully steering humans in the wrong direction and I wake up everyday hoping the “turning” will happen. So far, all I see is humans being pitted against one another in a grand scheme that many couldn’t begin to fathom (nor would they want to).

    I know what is going on…and, sadly, I am powerless to do anything except watch…and hope for the best.

    I know I am talking in circles but, I’ve been studying his material going on seven years. We are LONG overdue for an awakening. Without it, there may be dire consequences for Mother Earth (no, I am not a climate change nut…that nonsense is hardly ‘scientific’…I see that agenda, clearly). Let’s just say that Earth & our presence, hear, is an experiment and I fear, greatly, that it may end, badly.

    I hope I am wrong. I really do.

    OY. I’ve babbled enough. I really enjoy your posts. Your clarity of thought is REFRESHING.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      LATE getting back to this one. With so much on my plate right now, I’m easily distracted by anything remotely resembling a shiny object, LOL.

      I do get what you were saying though, and why you were “talking in circles”. This one probably would have been better for my spiritual blog, BUT I wanted to get the message out to a wider audience than that neglected venue.


      1. The Hinoeuma

        You are trying to reach as many as possible. I applaud your attempts. My blog is FULL of the Chris Thomas material…books to buy (if you can get them), videos, MP3 interviews, essays & PDF reproductions of articles. He had a 30+ year career as a genuine psychic healer in Wales (if you are a charlatan, you won’t last long) and had other incredible abilities such as remote viewing and Akashic reading. He became a target after he learned too much. He is, now, in a wheelchair and, effectively, neutralized. The only reason he is still alive is because he has had “help”.

        Sadly, I know too much as well and I have tried to share it. All I can do is hope…because I am powerless to do anything else.


  2. mosckerr

    The question stands: just how does HaShem stand alone as God? Bunk on the monotheism narishkeit. The brit faith teaches that just as HaShem alone redeemed Israel out of the g’lut of Egypt, so too and how much more so HaShem alone caused Israel to go unto g’lut; which includes the g’lut of the kingdom of Israel, the g’lut of the kingdom of David, and the g’lut of Judea. G’lut – HaShem hides his face, meaning his Name and tohor middot from the hearts of Yidden. The survivors words ring in my ears: “I was in Auschwitz, where was God?”

    Some authorities among the Goyim historians argue that Yehoshua could have never established the 1st brit Republic had not prevailed a political vacuum in Egypt. They do not even consider the consequences of Par’o losing his entire army at the Sea of Reeds. B. Otzen, “Israel under the Assyrians” suggests that political autonomy of both Israel and Yechuda could endure only during times of political chaos in Egypt, Assyria, and Babylon. This narrative stands in stark contrast to the Nach prophets. No surprise here because modern historians view the Nach as quaint mythology. The success of g’lut Jewry to maintain our Yiddishkeit, these professors never once smack their heads in awe.



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