Magnun P.I. Revisited…

A while back, one of my Hawaii Pics was of the plaque that commemorated part of the Kahala resort being used as a location for the original Magnum P.I. TV show in the 80s.

In the comments section, we got to talking about the reboot of the show. I had mentioned that it just wasn’t grabbing me the way the original did. Jay Hernandez just wasn’t seeming to fill Tom Selleck’s shoes very well. The new Higgins is a woman, which doesn’t bother me. The character is a bit different than the original (other than gender) but is true to the spirit of the original character and show. Rick and T.C. are definitely true to the original characters.

Anyway… It finally hit me during last week’s show what the problem was for me. It’s that the show SHOULD be called the Higgins Show. Magnum looks like a putz every time bad guys jump him because Higgins is the former James Bond MI 6 ass kicker who turns every fight to a win. She’s also the only one of the group that has computer / hacking skills as well as M.I.6 contacts, SO all the breaks in the cases come from her. Everybody else on the “team” is pretty much a third wheel.

Don’t get me wrong… The Tom Selleck version of the show featured a new helpless, clueless damsel in distress every week, who Magnum rushed in to save. That was 80s TV though, for better or worse. Seeing a stronger female character is a nice switch.

HOWEVER… It’s been taken too far to the other extreme here. The title character is made to look like a buffoon constantly for the sake of upselling Higgins and the idea of a powerful female protagonist. In a season and a half, the last episode this Friday was the first one where Magnum even came close to shining.

Is the idea of a little balance really that hard for Hollywood SJW focused writers to figure out? I wouldn’t think so. Hawaii Five 0 is on the same network. They even do crossovers with a few supporting characters. H50 is pretty good about sharing the spotlight among a very diverse team also.

I’m all for letting Higgins shine. She’s proving to be a great character with more depth than the original. Dumbing down the ex SEAL and Marine Force Recon rest of the team is poisoning an otherwise good show however. It’s honestly making Higgins look Mary Sue.

8 thoughts on “Magnun P.I. Revisited…

  1. bigskybuckeye

    While I haven’t viewed the reboot of Magnum, your points are well documented and written. As you have noted, it’s a challenge to remake a series with a different view from the original. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Every hit CBS has right now is a reboot, lol. The CW has tried several reboots also the last few years also. My personal opinion is that it’s just a complete lack of imagination and willingness to take a financial risk on new ideas. Hence we see nothing but remakes of old movies and TV shows anymore. Even the onslaught of Superhero movies from Marvel and DC all have their roots in existing comic book storylines.

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  2. Wandering Cranes

    Magnum was so many things, it just can’t be reproduced! The casting was perfect, and each character brought something both to the viewers and to the story. It was so relevant for the years it aired, and trying to remake it for the present just falls flat. But that’s the name of the game these days!

    Also Tom Selleck was gold in that show and no one can come close 🙂

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Jay Heranadez is doing a pretty decent job in the role, but I agree (and said before 🙂 ) that he doesn’t have Tom Selleck’s presence or physical stature. At least they’re slowly getting away from having the new female Higgins be the only one that can fight.

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