The Great Star Wars Conspiracy

Want to know the rarely discussed conspiracy theory around one of the greatest movie franchises in history? The one only a few old time fans discuss? No, it’s not that Jar Jar Binks was secretly a Sith Lord and helped Palpatine engineer the clone wars (that IS on YouTube). LOL

It’s that George Lucas didn’t actually write Star Wars at all!

The theory or story is that George Lucas was approached by an unknown third party with the manuscripts for (at least) the original trilogy. Lucas liked what he saw, bought the story outright from this mystery author, and went on to make a fortune from the manuscripts while leaving our poor unknown author to fade away in obscurity.

I’m going to take a rational look at this theory and it’s evidence here.

First, there’s the original 1976 copies of the books for Star Wars (A New Hope). All the early printings had a note on them that said either “Based on the Adventures of Luke Skywalker” OR “From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker”.

I owned a copy similar to this one LONG ago.

What IS known and admitted to is that Alan Dean Foster ghost wrote the novels for the original trilogy for Lucas. Part of his reward for that was being able to author “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye”, which was the only other Star Wars novel for ages.

Great book also.

The naming inconsistency between the New Hope film and novel is something that points towards Lucas and Foster working with an outside manuscript. Even in 1976, the movie was “Episode 4: A New Hope”, but the book (which actually was released shortly before the film) was not. Lucas otherwise kept VERY tight creative control and branding over the franchise for decades, but couldn’t keep his branding consistent at the start?

Lucas not writing the original manuscripts would also explain some of the inconsistencies with canon between the original films and the prequels. The biggest of which is how “the Force” is defined. In the original trilogy, the Force is described in terms that are nearly identical to the concept of chi / qi / ki / prana in Eastern cultures; “…an energy force created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us and binds the galaxy together.” Jedi seem to be equal parts Zen Buddhist warrior and Taoist chi wizard.

The other big indicator of a different author’s mindset is the infamous “Han shot first” drama over Lucas adding in an attempted shot by Greedo before Han kills him in the Mos Eisley cantina. That’s a BIG change in mindset by an author OR it never was Lucas’s belief system to begin with. The original author understood that when a known killer is holding a gun on you and says he’s marching you out of the building to kill you, it’s a reasonable use of lethal force in self defense to shoot them before they can shoot you.

Lucas gets typical West Coast far, far left wishy-washy on self defense and adds Greedo shooting first. Worse, he turns the Jedi into monastic unfeeling robots. The teaching of every Eastern philosophy that the Jedi were remotely based on is NOT that emotions are to be completely eliminated, it’s that they’re to be controlled. Unlike Catholic monks, the monks of most Eastern religions and philosophies are permitted to marry also. Part of my dislike of the prequels is in fact that Lucas’s ideas of the Jedi come across as the badly bastardized and distorted idea of Buddhism that exists among the new agey white folks on the West Coast looking only to virtue signal and pretend to be more enlightened than those around them.

The force… Reduced to a virus, or more accurately some microscopic symbiotic parasite. That from a energy source created by and surrounding all living things. The former is as unspiritual and illogical as you can get while the other reflects at least a casual understanding of martial arts or Eastern philosophy. It’s just FAR too big a change in view to make it likely that they both came from the same author.

We can also look at some of the things that were leaked EARLY on also. For example, it was known / leaked shortly after “The Empire Strikes Back” and Vader was first seen without his helmet that he needed his armor because he was disfigured in a duel with Obi-Wan at a volcanic site. Yet it took almost 30 years to see this come to life on the big screen. Either Lucas was planning far, far, far in advance OR he had a manuscript he was working from.

The tipping point for me came when a friend of mine actually talked to Alan Dean Foster. My friend said that Foster was cagey about outright confirming that Lucas was working with somebody else’s earlier work. He did confirm some of what’s known elsewhere though, such as Luke’s original last name was going to be Starkiller (hence the tribute name of the character in the game “The Force Unleashed”). Foster also said that (quoting my friend here) “alot of Lucas’s visions were borrowed”.

MY conclusions from all of this: Lucas VERY likely did buy the manuscripts from a third party. Lucas and Foster probably spent a great deal of time fine tuning the manuscript into a workable trilogy. A New Hope probably got the least amount of modification from the original as Lucas worked on getting it to the big screen. The other two likely got a little more.

So, do we go out and burn Lucas at the stake for profiteering off of somebody else’s work? Nope. We have no way of knowing exactly how close the movies are to a theoretical original manuscript. As somebody who has followed the franchise since it’s inception, I can also say unequivocally that the movies wouldn’t have succeeded without all the other work that Lucas put into it. Just about EVERY special effects technique used in film for 30 years following the original trilogy has it’s roots in Star Wars. Blue screen (later green screen) being one of the biggest example. It also takes connections and resources to bring a book or books all the way to a blockbuster film franchise. This alleged other writer doubtless didn’t have them and Lucas did. For all we know, this mystery author (maybe Foster himself) is also getting quiet royalty checks to this day from Lucas.

As an author and fan however, I *do* wish Lucas would have been more true to the original vision of the franchise.

16 thoughts on “The Great Star Wars Conspiracy

  1. The Hinoeuma

    I’ve never heard about any of this. I was ten years old when Star Wars came out. My parents went to see it at our local drive-in theater. They wouldn’t let me see it because they thought it was “over my head” or, possibly sexually explicit. *eyes rolling* I finally got to see it with a cousin.

    If Star Wars was truly Lucas’ baby, why alter scenes from the previous movies. The canon should have stood as it was, titles included. I haven’t paid enough attention to the changes but, I’ve heard many a Star Wars fan complain about them.

    I got into Battlestar Galactica in 1978, then heard about the lawsuit (there have been many):
    I was 12 and thought the suit was stupid as the two were so different to me. The first court agreed. I never liked Lucas after that. He always struck me as a bully.

    I agree that the Jedi were more spiritual-type in the first trilogy. They all seemed cold in the newest trilogy.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      The irony about Battlestar Galactica is that the VAST majority of it’s lore is actually a Sci-Fi version of Mormon / LDS doctrine. Twelve tribes / planets but one is off far away. Apollo’s wedding was a (temple) sealing, etc. Rome didn’t figure into the Book of Mormon, but the Cylons are obviously modeled after Roman centurions also. None of that really applies to the remake though.

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      1. The Hinoeuma

        Interesting. I knew it had something to do with the 12 tribes and Earth was “supposed” to be the lost 13th tribe. All of my knowledge regarding that is mostly anecdotal as I never really “took” to any religion.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Funny thing… After writing this AND being reminded by the comment above about Lucas’s inability to get along with anyone, I had a chat with my friend up in Oregon. We both agreed it’s **possible** that Alan Dan Foster wrote the originals, not just ghost wrote them. The other likely candidate is Brian Daley who wrote the script for the movie, the radio play and the Han Solo Trilogy. Both authors have a story telling style that make them likely suspects. Doubly so when you combine how Lucas kept such a small circle of trust with the movies AND how long it took to get the prequels out (quietly settling issues with Foster, Daley or both??).

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  2. Re-Farmer

    I think I remember hearing something about how Star Wars might not have originated with Lucas, but that was about it. This was really informative.

    I agree about bringing in the midiclorians. I remember first hearing that and wondering, wtf? It seemed to go so completely against the concept of the force within the original trilogy.

    When it comes to making changes to the original movies, some of it I can understand. The technology just wasn’t there to do some of the things. Cloud City, for example, was very claustrophobic. Putting in those windows and seeing grand vistas made sense. Why have a city in the clouds, and not be able to see the sky? Others were technical issues that came from trying to mash together different footage into a single scene. For example, increasing the opacity of the frames in fighters, because you could actually see through them in the original. Another example was how, in the original, they tried to hide the wheel under the speeder on Tatooine, since it was supposed to be hovering above the ground. They managed it by smearing Petroleum jelly on the bottom of the camera lens, is what I remember from an old interview. In the updated versions, they could clean that up and the speeder looks like it’s actually hovering above the ground.

    But having Greedo shoot first? That becomes a change in the story and in the characters. I felt that this was somehow pandering. No whom, I’m not sure, but definitely not the fans. They pretty universally hated the change.

    Have you read any of the extended universe books? I really enjoyed a lot of them, and when the new movies came out, I hoped they would from the extended universe. They didn’t, and frankly, I think the other authors handled the characters better.

    Fans can be really nasty when changes are made, though. My husband found himself on a martial arts group some years ago (an online format that just doesn’t exist anymore!) and the author of some of the books was on there, too. They got to chatting. One of the books he wrote involved Leia being influenced by an alien with pheromones that had her attracted to him and turning away from Han. Of course, he was a bad guy and the good guys won, but the author had enraged fans – even death threats – saying that Leia would never do anything like that, she would never betray Han, etc. Which was the whole point, really; that she *wouldn’t* do that, and that’s why the pheromone thing was such a big deal. The backlash he got was really crazy!

    As for the new movies, in the prequels, especially, I got the sense that Lucas was trying to make political digs at Bush, to be honest. Then to have Obi-wan saying “only a Sith deals with absolutes.” One of the most illogical, out of place lines I’ve ever heard in a movie!

    With the sequels, things seems to get better. Rogue One was really good, even if some parts didn’t make a lot of sense (and where did the Bothans mentioned in the original trilogy play in? They got written out completely) but what he did with Luke and Leia… Ugh. What a waste of characters. Again, I got the sense that Lucas was trying to use his movies to make political digs.

    I’m actually not looking forward to the last one at all.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Yes, fans can definitely be brutal. To be fair, in the case of Star Wars, I think it was the level of change to the canon AND the amount of time that had passed between trilogies. The ideas in the original trilogy had been the way it was for decades and through several books as well. Then Lucas came along and turned everything upside down. If it had been done sooner, or with more explanation behind it, fans might have been more receptive to some of it.

      As for the special effects changes to the Special Editions of the original trilogy, I agree completely. I never thought too much of Cloud City’s appearance, but the new version with all the windows… It was absolutely stunning. One does have to wonder how they were near the outer hull of the city so often though, hehe.

      Sith and absolutes: Yeah that line irked me also. Some things are shades of grey. Stealing food because you’re starving vs stealing to make an easy living for example. Other things are absolutes. Pedophilia and murder for example. Note I differentiate murder from being forced to use lethal force in self defense there, so no need for that debate. 😀 Point is that SOME things are and should be absolutes. Personally since much of the lack of absolutes nowadays comes from moral relativism and manipulation, I think it’s easy to make a case that Sith are more likely to NOT deal in absolutes.

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    2. SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

      Hi Silk Cords and Re-Farmer,

      Thank you for bringing some of the unresolved issues, little-known facts and hidden histories of the Star Wars saga to the fore.

      The deviations from the original narratives and elements continued unabated in the new franchises.

      I felt that those who give Star Wars VIII a positive review overall tend to disregard and/or be ignorant about the plots as well as the strengths and weaknesses of previous Star Wars movies, even if we were to give some concessions on the basis that some people may indeed prefer or insist that Star Wars VIII can be enjoyed and viewed on its own terms without being defined or judged by its relations to what has come before it and what is yet to come in the franchise and saga.

      Perhaps the whole Star Wars VIII is akin to Rey blazing a separatist, pro-autonomy path, no longer just catering to “FORCE-Sensitive Fans” but an order of “Upstarts” who wish to claim and shape the Star War saga with impunity, and where opinions and minions reign free without benefiting from the hard-earned wisdom of the Jedi.

      Is it still even the same FORCE? One wonders!

      Is the FORCE evolving or devolving? Who knows?

      In any case, the very FORCE in Star Wars VIII has been used so indiscriminately and unconvincingly to stretch both credulity and credibility that the reasonable and discerning person can no longer believe that it is still a plausible central “device” on which the long saga has been based. Therein lies the crux of the problems afflicting Star Wars VIII and others to come.

      For those of us who are familiar with, and care about plots both within and between movies, the latest instalment has been egregious in affecting the validity, soundness and continuity of the whole series. Could anyone imagine and stomach something similarly egregious happening to other movie series or franchises such as Matrix, Back to Future, Lord of the Rings, Aliens, and so on???

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  3. Re-Farmer

    My apologies for some errors I missed when I wrote this.

    “hoped they would from the” should have read, “hoped they would borrow from the…”

    “pheromones that had her attacked to him”
    Attacked was supposed to be attracted. LOL

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  5. Jacob Mahady

    I’ve heard about this and read about it but not to the extent that you explain it. So thank you for that lol. You did a fantastic job of explaining the mysteries that lay behind this theory. Sad for the ghost writer, he missed out big time.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Well, that’s assuming it’s true (regarding a ghost writer). I Believe it’s extremely likely, BUT there’s no absolute proof. Gotta be fair there.:)

      Glad to have you stop by and enjoy the article.

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