Sick of Toxic People

Today has been one of those days where I wonder why I try to give a damned about other people at all. Granted, I should have seen this one coming, as the couple of past times I’ve tried to encourage said toxic person to rise above the drama in their life, I got attacked for “psycho-analyzing” them. Trust me, I didn’t come close to it, unless “You’re stronger than that” is somehow psycho-therapy. In a sane world, I’d call it non-judgmental encouragement.

Today I got a tirade posted in the comments section of my blog (it’s trashed now) after telling them that words have as much or as little power as we chose to give them. That’s “new agey pop psychology BS” by the way, not something philosophers and scholars from all over the world have been saying for thousands of years,

Granted, some of us are better at letting words go, particularly if they come from somebody close to us, whose opinion we value, or they have authority over us. When you have your own mother tell you that she could have been something if you hadn’t been born though, (true story) you learn that the opinion of an asshole is the opinion of an asshole, no matter who they are.

Unfortunately, I’m cursed with empathy though, so if I can offer a few supportive words and try to lift somebody up, I’m going to do so. I’ve been used and burned by enough people that I try to avoid getting drawn in any further than that. No point in trying to help somebody who has no interest in helping themself.

There in lies the problem with modern society too. It’s all about being a victim and wallowing in self-pity and feeding off of the attention of others. “You don’t know, you don’t understand, you haven’t lived my life, blah blah…” We’re all a victim of something, sometimes repeated somethings. Some of us have the character to rise above it. We don’t drown others in our drama, or use it as an excuse for doing crappy or illegal things. Barring legitimate mental illness, It’s a CHOICE and I’m tired of hearing otherwise.

All the toxic crap in the world today is enough to give even the most sensitive empath complete compassion burn out.

4 thoughts on “Sick of Toxic People

  1. AuthorSarahKrewis

    I struggle with letting go of things people say to me, but I’m getting better at it. Toxic people are the worst though, and while I know it’s THEIR issue and short fall, I struggle with pulling myself out of the hole they like to dig for us both.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      I can completely relate. It was a couple of the toxic victim crowd that got to me the other day. We all get knocked down and can occasionally use a hand up, but don’t bite the offered hand or curse somebody for saying you’re strong enough to rise above.



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