Hawaiian Critter of the Day #16

Yes, it’s that time again! I set aside all the drama and remembered I had a few critters left to share. Nothing terribly glamorous this time, BUT they are everywhere in Hawaii, even at the infamous Sea Life park (where they were probably the best treated things there):

Yep… Wild chickens! Sea Life had three or so roaming around… err lounging:

Just two there, and the hen is camouflaged moderately well.

What chickens are doing at a torture center disguised as an aquatic park, I have NO idea. Then again, they really were everywhere except downtown Honolulu.

6 thoughts on “Hawaiian Critter of the Day #16

  1. Liz

    Yup – totally remember seeing these guys everywhere. Even saw some kids treating them as pets. I will say this, somehow, someone left or brought a few chickens to the islands, and they ran amuck. Probably one of the many reasons Hawaii is so cautious about what comes in.

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