Hawaii Pic of the Day

I think I have a few more critter type pics that I can post, but for now, something else I wanted to show off. The hotel we stayed at the last part of our stay (The Kahala) was one of the locations used for the Kamehameha Club in the original Magnum P.I. show:

Now, between you, me and 255 other followers (lol), the Kahala was only used during the fifth season. Filming quickly got in the way of guests too, and they used to have some pretty high end guests too. During most of the show’s run, the Honolulu Elk’s Club was actually used as the setting for the Kamehameha Club.

BTW; Interesting fact. During the pilot, the Kamehameha Club was called Rick’s Bar and Rick dressed in late 1930s attire. The suits at CBS didn’t think viewers would understand or appreciate the Casablanca easter egg though.

10 thoughts on “Hawaii Pic of the Day

    1. Silk Cords Post author

      The reboot isn’t bad. Probably a little better story telling honestly, but while Jay Hernandez is a decent actor, he just doesn’t have Tom Selleck’s screen presence. I’ve also never seen a recently separated SEAL who was such a poor fighter, LOL. Alex O’Laughlin sells that aspect better in the H50 reboot.


    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Still happening in the reboot. In fact Jay Hernandez’s version seems a bit more childish. The new Higgins is a woman (Juliet Higgins) and a former MI6 agent. No word on if she has a license to kill, lol. They’ve been edging towards a romantic relationship between the two, but mostly it’s the same antics. I still think the original show had better chemistry though.

      Oh and Zeus and Apollo are still making Magnum’s life hell LOL

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        1. Silk Cords Post author

          I admit, this one does fall a little flat vs the original. CBS has done quite a few reboots the last few years though and some are decent. Hawaii Five 0 is good, and may just catch the original’s 11 season run. SWAT is fairly good but it gets a little heavy on racial issues at times. It’s an important topic but nobody likes to be beat to death with an issue while seeking entertainment. MacGyver I think is as good as the original, except the techno-babble is BAD. Mac made a cutting torch out of a maglite and a CD drive laser read/write head, LOL.


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