Smoked Chicken Breasts for Dinner

It’s time for another Silk cooking post! Tonight, I made smoked chicken breasts for dinner.

The finished product above is smothered with a slice of provolone cheese, and some vegies on the side. Here’s what the chicken looks like before the cheese:

My cooking philosophy is simple is better. Spices and seasonings should accent the flavor of the food they go on, not overpower it, etc…

With that in mind, all I used for seasoning here was salt, pepper and garlic. SPG as it’s known in some circles. 🙂 After I had them on the grill, I lightly dabbed a little hatch chili sauce on top of them.

Some of you who cook may wonder why not baste early and let them sit in the fridge before grilling. The reason is that they were slow smoked. Basting both sides would have acted as an insulator from any smoke flavor getting into the meat.

Due to time constraints, I had to turn up the heat a little over an hour into the cooking. Because of that, i didn’t get a nice smoke ring on the surface of the meat. The initial slow cooking did do a great job at sealing in the juices.

The faint pink around the edges is the start of a smoke ring also, not undercooking. The full cooked center establishes that.

6 thoughts on “Smoked Chicken Breasts for Dinner

    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Thanks. It was. I manged to get just a hint of the Hatch Chili flavor. Considering I didn’t get to brine the chicken or have time to fully slow cook it, I’d say it turned out about as close to perfect as I could get it. 🙂

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  1. Re-Farmer

    Hmmm… smoking is something I want to get into in the not-so-distant future! It’s not something we normally did. The only time I can remember is when my dad converted an old fridge into a smoker, and smoked a pig’s worth of bacon. It was SOOOOOO good, but he never did it again.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Do it the easy way like we do; a pellet grill. They only drawback is they need electric power to turn the feed auger. The trade off off is outstanding temperature control though.

      In the name of humanity though, if you go that route, do NOT buy a Traeger. They’re complete crap since they started being made in China 5 to 10 years ago. Poor temperature control, interior paint burning off, you name it. We forced them to take ours back and bought a Rec-Tec. Love it, but there are other great brands out there too.

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