New Blog Progress

First, Irony. The spellchecker is not recognizing the word blog, LOL. I assume it’s browser based, and not WP. It would be really bad if WordPress didn’t recognize the word blog.

Beyond that, I’ve made one new post at the site. That being a page of pictures of the woman who inspired Witchfire’s looks. A centerfold that more than one straight friend has said she’d turn lesbian for. A blog post announcing it as well. Remember if you go and look, that site is solidly adult oriented. No complaining about bare boobs. 😛

I also made a few final tweaks to Witchfire after looking at her inspiration’s pictures for the first time in ages.

Essentially the changes amount to darkening her hair color, tweaking her eye color slightly and swapping out her mask for a much sleaker looking one. There’s a whole new battery of pictures up, but this one tells most of the tale.

The darker hair was done to get her looking closer to her inspiration but gave her a more grown up look. To me, her old hair strawberry blond hair color kept reminding me of various magical girl themed anime characters like Sailor Moon. The new mask really compliments her features too. The freckles just give her a more complete Irish redhead look.

The work moves slowly along otherwise. I’ve got the name reserved for the second, general chat blog, but I’m still waiting for WordPress to process it and let me actually start working on that site. Then I can link music videos and other stuff in my chit chat blog.

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