Moving Slowly Along…

A small writing update here. I have put in some major storyboard work for Witchfire. I’m taking a break from writing a few chunks of story right now to update the blog.

Right now, the biggest obstacle I’m encountering is bridging from where I left off the story with the the actual time travel incident. There are a few events I want to precede that time travel. Events that will set up a few things and account for the behavior of a few characters. While I know what I want to do, doing it in a way that feels organic vs a forced bridge chapter is proving difficult.

I’m avoiding spoilers here, but I’ve also plotted out a way to make this a boring travelers fix everything story arc. Suffice it to way that Krystal and the rest of our heroines are not going to have the easy time they initially expect.

I’m going to add a little more of the heroine peril element to the story chapters also. It will be a balancing act to avoid falling into the kind of storytelling common to some of the adult sites out there, but I feel up to the challenge.

3 thoughts on “Moving Slowly Along…

  1. blindzanygirl

    Keep going. You’ll get there. All sounds good. I want to thank you for yoyr support of me, and the laughs you give me. You make my mirning very often. I’m not into erotica as I know you write that, but I know you write other stuff as well. I wish you to succeed. You are courageous and determined. Keep going,

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Bah, I’m a poser with minor problems in the grand scheme of the universe. You’re the one who is an example in courage to your readers. 🙂

      I’m glad I can add an occasional giggle and make things a little easier for you though.

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      1. blindzanygirl

        Aww, Silk Cords you are so kind. And no, you are NOT a poser at all. I think you are really clever to write the stuff you do. I couldn’t do it! Nand you DO have your own pain issues. ,pain is bloody shit isn’t it! Yes, you really do make me chuckle and it truly does help. Unless I am in a REAL bad moid lol or feeling totally unres
        Onsive. You’re great, gal. ❤️

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