Hawaiian Critter(s) of the Day 10

Time to get back to something cleaner and more wholesome in the blog posts.

Since we’re now into double digits in the posting chain, we have a two for one critter of the day. 😀   These macaws were both at the Waikiki Sheraton, just like the last post’s koi fish.  In fact they were in trees right o the edge of the koi pond.

The irony here is that macaws are not Hawaiian.  They’re actually native to the rain forests of South America.  I found out that a surprisingly large amount of flora and fauna in Hawaii have been brought in from elsewhere in the world though.



The red one is a scarlet macaw and the blue one is a hyacinth macaw.  I used to think that it would be neat to have one as a pet when I was younger.  You can hear them blocks away when they really screech though AND a macaw’s beak is strong enough to bite a wooden broom handle clean in half.  That lets them crack open food like brazil nuts.

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