Supergirl Skirtless

Never let it be said I can’t write a headline that gets attention, LOL.

This one isn’t another piece of erotica though, it’s brief commentary on the CW Network show and Neofeminism.  For those who haven’t heard, the CW, at the urging of the show’s producer (Sarah Schechter) and star (Melissa Benoist), are eliminating the skirt from Supergirl’s outfit and switching her to pants.


I have to admit, looking at it just on it’s face, it’s not a bad costume.  For me, it’s the “why” that is disturbing…

In an interview I read online, they both see this as such a bold and empowering move and are very proud of doing it.  This kind of situation is where I get in trouble with the extreme end of the “feminist” movement.  I see the story, and all I can think is “How did we get to a point in feminism where acting or dressing like a woman is a display of weakness?”

Isn’t this the exact opposite of feminism?  It used to be at least.  “Back in the day”, the goal was for women to be able to be women, yet still seen as strong and capable.  NOW, Supergirl is immature and weak unless she’s dressing like Superman.

OK, let’s address the obvious…  Supergirl’s skirt is (usually) on the short side; about cheerleader length.  It’s varied in comic books though from there to knee length.  Most Basic little black dresses that 20 somethings wear to the club are just as short if not shorter though.

Long story short; Supergirl’s (or any woman’s) status as an adult should have little to do with how she dresses.  What makes a person an adult is how they carry themselves.  Can they think of others or just themselves?  Can they make tough decisions and make sacrifices to get ahead in life or do they whine, cry and expect society to carry them and want everything NOW?  Qualifiers for men or women in my opinion.

Women used to be admired for projecting a quieter, more dignified strength than men.  Still are in most quarters (or I’d like to think so anyway).  Somewhere along the line though, the feminist movement (parts of it at least), got the very screwed up idea that a woman can only be strong and equal if she’s acting and looking like a man.

16 thoughts on “Supergirl Skirtless

  1. Scherezade Ozwulo

    I’m feeling the pantsuit aesthetically. I hope these same extremists are coming down on the forever iconic corset top these superheroines use as their go to fighter garb.
    Me, I’m trying to fight with my boobies damn near hanging out🤪

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      They use the corsets because there’s no such thing as a superheroine above a B cup, ROFL.

      Agreed on the aesthetics of the suit. All thing considered they did a fair job. I did see some armor on some of the pics online, but I presume that’s a special occasion version. My annoyance was with their doing it strictly to show how progressive and feminist their thinking was.


  2. Liz

    Good gravy… That’s a hard “WTF” from me. I like the pants well enough, but to say that’s to promote feminism? What the hell are they selling and to whom? You want to sell feminism? Make women characters of depth and complexity, who freaking are as good at their job as anyone could be. Yes, maybe they struggle with time management. Or perhaps they are tired from the emotional labor pushed on them. Putting them in pants just isn’t the fix.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Agreed on that last line. The irony is that this started out as a fairly good show. Kara was developing as a strong character who struggled with tough decisions but always tried to do what was morally correct.

      It’s gone off the deep end the last season or so though. Everything from Kara beating Superman multiple times, to using the show as a blatant season long platform to lobby for wide open borders to this idea that the only way a woman can be seen as strong and mature is to wear pants.

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  3. ThoughtsBecomeWords

    I don’t know the series but I agree that there seems to be a blatant message there. Even the corporate world has a lot to answer for, particularly in the boardroom where women power-dress in black pants and tailored jackets to conform to an image.

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  4. Silk Cords Post author

    Reblogged this on Silk Chatters and commented:

    Rebloging this after reading a similar post about feminism in general on Lady of Reason’s site. It got me thinking and I looked this one back up from when I originally posted it.



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