Not Backing Down

I”m just about properly caught up on all those 114 email notifications and all the ones that followed after it over the last 11 hours.

One thing I did discover is that the closed-mindedness of Twitter tried to follow me here.  One person I *thought* was a friend went on a tirade about evil conservative (they HAD to be conservative) women criticizing a celebrity for having been a stripper. Overall, I agreed with her post.  I mainly thought she went over the top with the venomous way she handled it.

I *tried* to point out that she missed an opportunity to try to reason with these women.  That rather then trying to oppress women and derail female empowerment, they feel (right or wrong) that stripping and sex work perpetuates the stereotype of women as nothing but sex objects.  If she tried to communicate with these folks she might find they shared concerns and could find a middle ground they could both live with.

Her response: Delete my comment, and remove me from her follows / followed by lists.  Very mature.

First, if you’re going to post something, you should be enough of an adult to be prepared for polite disagreement.  If you’re not, turn off your comments.  You have EVERY right to expect that disagreement to remain polite and open to your counterpoints.  I’m tired of the hate I see everywhere though.  I challenged her thinking because I thought she was capable of rising above that venom.  Sometimes, being the light means means you have to politely stand firm against the darkness too.

7 thoughts on “Not Backing Down

  1. brokenanvil29325

    One of the things you mentioned, that people associate stripping and sex work with women just being sex objects, is sadly true. Similar can be said of erotica authors, that they write about sex, because that’s all they think about.

    However, I follow many erotica authors, writers and bloggers who have shown me that is not the case. I read their posts and their blogs, then I read their books and I have found that almost all of them are nothing like the characters they write.

    If more people would learn about a subject or a person, instead of taking things at face value, or regurgitating what the majority is saying, they would see the underlying reasons for why strippers and sex workers do what they do. In my work I’ve come in contact with a lot of them. I’ve seen the kids they are trying to raise and know about the college classes they are taking. Some of them do it because they like the money and attention, but that’s not always the case.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Another busy day slowing down my replies, LOL.

      I’ve seen the same things. Hence my saying I agreed with Ashley’s post in principle. If the world is ever going to change though, we have to be willing to give others the benefit of the doubt; that MAYBE what they’re saying is based on ignorance or misunderstanding instead of pure malice. Responding to that kind of thing with hate only perpetuates the problem.

      Not only that, it usually makes the original person defensive and more likely to cling to their incorrect view.

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      1. DeannaTroi

        Ok, I will try and be more positive with this reply than my first one…which won’t be hard to do. LOL. As Maxwell Smart used to say “sorry about that chief”

        I found the topic of stripping / sex work to be timely as it is a big part of a chapter I am writing for my Delta City PI story this morning. If you don’t read my story (shame on you), my main character Nancy has a source who has become a friend, but he is also a pimp and runs a strip club. Both Nancy and I are a bit conflicted over this. Stripping and sex work have an undeniable and strong element of exploitation of women though oddly enough I think some feminists have talked about their empowerment of women. Go figure. I don’t honestly think those “trades” are going to disappear in the foreseeable future. I rather suspect climate change will get us before stripping and prostitution and porn are evolved out of the human species. Maybe the best we can do is to try and remove the exploitation while acknowledging we rather like the erotic component.

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  2. Silk Cords Post author

    I’m doing my best there. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting dragged down to their level when I post things like this, but we have to take a positive stand against the hate in the world.



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