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Those of you following the blog got the email about my last post with details of my planned first serious novel.  If you’re wondering where it went, my “Cassandra Sense” was SCREAMING “take it down”.

My intuition is VERY good at sensing bad events, and it rarely screams that loud, so I took it down to prevent possible plot theft.  Suffice it to say I have a story about a young woman who finds out her mother is an Olympian and gets caught in the middle of an ancient prophecy and a plot by Hades to overthrow Zeus.

Other non-erotica fiction I have in mind is:

A story focused on the end of Lemuria

A story set in Ancient Egypt centered around a royal couple’s life.  This is set in the far ancient past, before Egypt was even to the point of the Old Kingdom and it was united into upper and lower kingdoms.  Lots of Paranormal stuff, and the main villain group will be rogue elements of the Temple of Thoth.  I could probably break this into a trilogy if I tried…

An “autobiography” of Cassandra from Greek mythology.

The story of a French noble family’s master at arms who gets exiled after a favored daughter is killed as a result of her own recklessness.  He goes on to find shelter with the Knights Templar, helping a handful of them escape with the Holy Grail from the infamous Friday the 13th massacre

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Stuff

  1. Scherezade Ozwulo

    Great luck with your busy schedule!!!Oh you and I share the same intuition. I’m writing two books, one is way farther development than the other; it’s my serious book which I want to publish. I uploaded and continued it on Inkitt, gained a readership but when I slowed down, I snatched it down for fear someone would scoop it up. It’s safe on my other private blog. When you want beta readers but are scared someone will take your idea. 😟

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  2. Liz

    Don’t you just love it when you have those Cassandra moments? I tend to call it the “Cassandra Syndrome” because most of the time I’m not believed, until that stuff goes down. Protect your work, protect your dreams, protect yourself. Good on you for trusting your own self.

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