Fixing A Train Wreck, LOL

My last post seemed to confuse people, so I’m going to try this in a little more straight forward way without as much parable to distract or confuse.

The point of that now deleted post was that I often wonder if we as authors let the extreme elements of society have too much influence over our voices as authors.  The topic was inspired by a discussion with ComixFana over future plans for our respective stories.  That’s all that was going on there, LOL.

I see stories like the Star Wars prequels that were so heavily laden with political commentary, or about a half a dozen TV shows I could name that try to force certain social beliefs down our throats…  I wonder if that’s robbing the voice of authors that do want to write characters with more moderate views…  That they worry they have to tailor their characters to certain expectations or their writing won’t be accepted.  I know that’s certainly the case on Twitter.

My failed point to the original post was that if you want your character to have more mainstream beliefs, you should go for it.  It’s OK to have a feminist that’s married with kids.  It’s how she defines herself, not a piece of paper that makes her a feminist.  If you want to keep her single and independent, or in something like a live in arrangement or common law marriage, that’s cool too.  Just have your own reasons for your character’s actions and personality.  Don’t let others take your voice.

15 thoughts on “Fixing A Train Wreck, LOL

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  2. Matthew Whiteside

    I think it is honestly just the author’s voice when we read about characters who are more extreme or polarizing. We all want to get our thoughts, points, opinions across and creating a character that embodies those things is a creative way of doing it. Just like you want to get the moderate voice out their so, you create characters that embody that. I don’t believe authors are being robbed of their voices I believe they are speaking with their voice we just may not want to hear it sometimes. I enjoy your writing thanks for sharing and keep speaking with your voice. Have a great day.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      I’d agree about the most extreme voices. I’ve been on the internet since it’s infancy though, VBB discussion sites on up. Time and time again I’ve seen people afraid of expressing their own views for fear of being attacked by the extreme. These are the people I was blogging to in this post. I want to let everybody know they’re NOT alone and it’s OK to have your own opinion and voice whatever it is. 🙂

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  3. Liz

    Low hanging fruit – at least for a lot of TV fodder. Make it polarizing, and someone will be talking about it on Social or at the watercooler. “Real people aren’t interesting, they lead boring lives” – seems to be the secondary pitch. Personally, I’d rather find someone relatable than polarizing. Toxicity, from either end of the spectrum, is not attractive.

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  5. macsbooks311

    I’m not an author, just a reader and reviewer, but I’m growing weary of the extremism whether it is feminism, politics, religion or violence. There are times, places and stories for everything but much of what is being written right now appears to be more for shock value or selling more books rather than creating a piece of art that will sustain itself over time. Also, once the envelope gets pushed to a certain point, there are those who feel the need to push it even further until we are pushed off of the proverbial edge.

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  6. A. Nonymous

    Reblogged this on One Angry Tweet and commented:
    Completely agree with this. It is why I started “One Angry Tweet.” A self-appointed pundit was advising aspiring writers to constrain themselves, fit in, and even went so far as to admonish her readers that “one angry tweet” could destroy a career. That was too much for me, and OAT was born.
    Great article! I believe others need to hear what you are saying here. It is almost never an easy path, but it is the most authentic one.

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  7. Anne Copeland

    Too often people are caught in what they think without really hearing or reading what others are saying or trying to say. I heard a song that I posted, and one of the people was just plain argumentative about how it was a stupid song, and that the idea of Flat Earth was the stupidest thing he ever heard, and he totally missed the real message behind the song about flat earth. It was all about maintaining your integrity and not allowing the way the individual is considered secondary to world events and world values, and also about how to maintain the fact that you are divine in this world, and not to let anyone tell you that you are not. Sometimes we need to go deeper into things we see and hear and read

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