My Mind Was Blown Last Night

This one is going to be an odd mix of writing, movie review and spirituality, so be warned if it seems random, LOL.

Last night we finally went to see Aquaman.  Great movie.  The only recent DC movie that’s as good is Wonder Woman.  There MAY be hope for DC movies after all.  As a side note, I’m amazed that movies can turn second rate heroes like Ant-Man, Aquaman and the Falcon into real, butt kicking heroes with star power while they continue to largely languish as second stringers in the comic books.  I don’t get the creativity gap.

Minor spoiler: The general plot of the movie focuses around Aquaman’s quest for the trident of the first king of Atlantis.  It’s a vastly powerful weapon and is needed to prevent a war with the surface world.  That’s as close to a spoiler as I’ll get.

What blew me away is the origin story for the trident and the story behind it being missing.  It was 80% similar to past life memories I’d had years ago of living during the end of Lemuria.  The similarities really rattled me.  I tweeted about it once I got home also, and doubtless weirded out my pack or twitter followers, LOL.

Because of that, I wanted to explain a little.  Past lives, like most things that fall into spirituality, are things that can’t be proven.  I’ve also seen people become utterly unhinged studying the paranormal.  More oft than not actually, it seems.  ERGO, I never take anything at face value.

Past lives are a great example there.  The easiest explanation is that it’s your subconscious trying to tell you something important and other ways of getting your attention have utterly failed.  Standard psychology answer there.

Another common potential explanation among new agers is you’re picking up leftover psychic energy from that event and “seeing” things through a participant’s eyes.  There are several other theories I’ve heard.  The bottom line for me though is to stay grounded in reality.

I think it helps me that I have no spiritual “sight”.  I just get weird premonitions and, in the case of past lives, things come back to me like a forgotten present life memory that’s triggered by something.  They feel very real, but again with no real world proof or connection.

I asked my subconscious / higher self about the whole Lemuria thing and the answer I got was “write, and the answers will come”.  If nothing else, at this point I know I have to start that spiritual blog now.  It’s needed to help me finally come to terms with this weird, uncannily accurate intuition I have and the ability to pick up and be influenced by others’ emotions.

As for Lemuria…  I still have NO real idea if this is some strange parable that my subconscious or the universe / God is trying to get through to me, something that I possibly did experience, or what.  After that movie though, I’m more than intrigued and ready to try to find out more.

For what it’s worth, after I get that blog set up, I’ll only post this kind of thing there.  I realize much of the spiritual community isn’t interested in erotica, and that erotica fans aren’t  always interested in conspiracy theories and such.

2 thoughts on “My Mind Was Blown Last Night

  1. paulgrealish2172

    I really like this post. I’m a cold-blooded, atheistic, robot…but I don’t discount belief and subjective experience. If somebody ‘feels’ tarot, or dreams, or chaos magick or ‘whatever’ has something for them, I’m not going to dismiss that out of hand. It’s not my jam, but if it helps people focus their minds on who they are and what they want, I don’t see how it’s any less valid than meditation or mindfulness.

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    1. silkcordsblog Post author

      At least you’re a tolerant and somewhat open minded atheist, Paul, I can respect that. 🙂 Everybody has to find their own path.

      My path of spirituality has been an odd one. It’s been my trying to deny or fit things into mainstream Christianity and having odd coincidences like this thing with the movie come up, and my intuition being right FAR more often than is statistically possible. I actually used to debate with my Wiccan friends about past lives and reincarnation. I thought it was nonsense. Then I started “remembering” things from other lives. Real? Hard to say and impossible to prove. It blew my mind though. Sadly I feel less and less connection with a religion that says gifts like mine are from the devil and inherently evil.

      Reminds me of a scene from a recent episode of Bull on CBS where his trial prep assistant was talking to their client who happened to be a priest. The assistant is a gay guy BTW… His comment was that he felt alone and that the church left him, he didn’t leave it.



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