Be The Light…

I’m sure I’m confusing people on twitter with my moderate’s disdain for the political extremes running amok there.  I’m grateful that some people seem to get it though.

My “No Politics” post didn’t make things as clear as I’d have liked.  I have TWO big problems with politics and the way people talk to others:


1) Issues are NEVER as simple as the extremists and demagogues on either side make them out to be.  For example, gangs are just one good reason for a border wall, BUT we have to overhaul our immigration system as well and allow good people a chance at the American Dream, take an honest look at what we may be doing to contribute to problems in Latin America, and see if we can do things to help them help themselves.

2) These extremists not only shut down thinking and discussion, they spread hate and poison.  There’s a principle of metaphysics that says hate only attracts more hate and conflict.  It doesn’t matter how righteous you THINK your cause is, if your answer is trashing and threatening violence against those you disagree with, you are part of the PROBLEM, not the solution.  You are also actively working to make the world a DARKER place.

I keep saying be more like Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Theresa, Jesus, Buddha, etc…  I have a perfect story that illustrates the point also.  The Christmas Eve service is the one time this heathen is guaranteed to turn up at church.  The closing part of the services; the same every year, are exactly why:

The Pastor talks about the need to carry the Christmas Spirit into and through the new year, and how the world is a dark place if everybody withholds their love, compassion and caring from the world.  To illustrate the point, the lights are turned off in the chapel.

Now, everybody is given a candle entering the service.  They’re all being lit as the Pastor speaks.  He tells everyone to keep the candles low at first also; withhold their light from the world metaphorically.  Then he starts talking about how people can be the light, and make the world a better place.  Then all 3000 people (It’s a big church) hold up their candles.  It’s beautiful and amazing the difference it makes

Bayside Church Candle Lighting & Silent Night

Afterwards everyone sings Silent Night and the service are over.

Watch the YouTube video through to the end and see if it doesn’t have the same impact on you as it did me.  It’s alot of light, and it’s people wanting said light to better the world, NOT burn it down.  THINK about that. Remember the people you disagree with are human beings with legitimate reasons for feeling and thinking the way they do.  If you actually talk to them like human beings, you will PROBABLY find out that you have more in common than you realize once you get past artificial labels.

Think win-win and you can probably also find a solution that’s not perfect, but works for both of you.


6 thoughts on “Be The Light…

  1. ericlahti

    The problem with politics is we really only hear from the loud-mouthed extremists. Most people trend toward the middle – with a few outliers on either side of the spectrum – but we don’t get to hear from them because compromise and logical solutions aren’t as sexy or easy to understand as the bumper-sticker logic coming from the “Build the wall, no matter the cost!” and “Immediately replace the freeways with sod and walking!” crowds. Of course, everyone likes to think this a new thing, but it’s been going on as long as politics has been a thing. The really unfortunate thing is the extremists that are setting policy. But again, that’s been going on as long as politics, too.
    I’ve got a buddy that firmly falls in the extremist category and he can be frustrating as hell to talk to because he fell for the bumper sticker logic. Smart guy and fun to talk to as long as we don’t discuss politics or religion because in his mind there’s no room for middle ground and he doesn’t have much in the way of thought process to back it up; it’s just real to him and he’s taken it on faith that his leaders aren’t misleading him about things.
    OTOH, I’ve got another buddy who’s on the opposite political spectrum and he and I have had some great discussions because we both are willing to listen to explain our views. We don’t always come to a middle ground, but we can at least see each other’s positions and, to some extent at least, appreciate them.

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