Most Curious…

I posted a bit of thinking out loud regarding the rules for writing yesterday.  Afterwards, I asked for opinions from other writers regarding how “carved in stone” these rules were, etc…  I got six likes in the post, which is awesome.  Absolutely NO replies however…

It got me wondering if anybody REALLY reads posts, or if they just take a quick glance, then either decide they like it OR just click “Like” in the hopes of getting reciprocal likes.

Just making that assumption would be pointlessly negative though.  I personally will click “Like” on content I enjoy, but won’t add a comment unless I can add something actually meaningful to the conversation.

Realistically, either option is, or at least COULD BE true of a segment of the likes.  So could other explanations. The whole thing just has me wondering now if anything I write here IS truly liked OR if we’re just spinning our wheels here pretending that what we say or do here matters any more than social media.

And if anybody didn’t guess, I’m pragmatic and consider social media largely about vanity and killing time.  Decent marketing tool though.

6 thoughts on “Most Curious…

  1. silkcordsblog Post author

    Well, I dropped from 53 views yesterday to 2 today. While I can’t say it’s proof nobody’s truly reading, I can say that it’s eye opening in terms of making me realize feedback isn’t coming, AND that I should quit worrying about it, and just get to work. One of Stephen King’s 20 rules is write first for yourself after all.

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  2. Aurora Blue

    Honestly, sometimes it’s hard for me to think of a comment besides “Wow, that’s good” or “I agree”, so I’m grateful for the like button. I’m surprised you don’t have more comments, though. I find you to be one of the more interesting bloggers on here.

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  3. silkcordsblog Post author

    I know what you mean. I have the same problem at times. Normally for me a “Like” is plenty of recognition too (comments always appreciated though, LOL). This one just really had me wondering though because I was asking a question about writing style as opposed to feedback on my work. Just getting a like on that is a little odd. However, it could also mean they agree and are equally confused there I suppose. 🙂


  4. Liz

    Geeze, I don’t think you need to be fretting over why you’re not getting comments. People are off, getting off, on what you’ve written. That’s pretty damned cool, that you can get into someone’s head and trigger their urges like that – with words alone.

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  5. Silk Cords Post author

    It was mainly insecurity when I posted this, Liz. The remnants of a lifetime of self doubt. There are a few people I know largely are concerned with reciprocal likes though. They show up hit the like button and NEVER go to the story. It’s ok though. I’m growing every day and feeling less and less insecure

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    1. Liz

      Oh, I get the self doubt – part of the empath’s journey. Which is mine, which is someone else’s? Reciprocal likes or follows can go the way of the DoDo as far as I’m concerned. This is NOT about them, it’s about YOU. And you write some very erotic things – some people may need time to cool down 😉
      In all seriousness – don’t take the numbers to heart. They rise, they fall. Life, work, school, family – it can be any number of things going on. Or maybe people don’t read, and that’s their loss.

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