Fixing A Train Wreck, LOL

My last post seemed to confuse people, so I’m going to try this in a little more straight forward way without as much parable to distract or confuse.

The point of that now deleted post was that I often wonder if we as authors let the extreme elements of society have too much influence over our voices as authors.  The topic was inspired by a discussion with ComixFana over future plans for our respective stories.  That’s all that was going on there, LOL.

I see stories like the Star Wars prequels that were so heavily laden with political commentary, or about a half a dozen TV shows I could name that try to force certain social beliefs down our throats…  I wonder if that’s robbing the voice of authors that do want to write characters with more moderate views…  That they worry they have to tailor their characters to certain expectations or their writing won’t be accepted.  I know that’s certainly the case on Twitter.

My failed point to the original post was that if you want your character to have more mainstream beliefs, you should go for it.  It’s OK to have a feminist that’s married with kids.  It’s how she defines herself, not a piece of paper that makes her a feminist.  If you want to keep her single and independent, or in something like a live in arrangement or common law marriage, that’s cool too.  Just have your own reasons for your character’s actions and personality.  Don’t let others take your voice.


Fun And Games?

I’m going to be hitting a few posts today it seems.  I originally did all the topics as one long post.  It felt rambling and disjointed, so 3 or 4 separate posts it is.

The common thread to all of them is that all of the recent events have me thinking about my direction as a writer.  To get to the point of THIS post, part of the what I was pondering was…


Not quite, LOL.  It was that despite all the drama there, Twitter did have some really good writing drills shared as games among the community there.  Seems there’s a little of that going on in the blogs here as well.

The Twitter stuff was all some variation of “write something about this picture or subject”. Great for being concise and expressive, given the allowed lengths of tweets. I never really got into them during my couple of months though.

A) I wasn’t part of the cool kids club, and these things generally require a “tag in”.

B) I’m what they call a “turtle writer” on twitter. I can come up with a great story, but not on the fly usually.

That’s part of what these games are for though; to get you used to letting the creative energies flowing freely. If you don’t practice, you don’t improve. Since I also need content here for when I’m NOT posting an actual story OR news of my internationally acclaimed best sellers (some day, LOL), I think I’m going to make a best effort to do a VSS thing here.

For those NOT familiar with it, VSS is “Very Short Story”. I had to google it when I first saw it on twitter. If I recall, the definition was something under 400 words. I just tried Google again, and all it gave me for search results was Volume Shadow Backup Services for backing up hard drives. Yeah Google is great… NOT.

So, yeah… Rambling… AGAIN. No wonder I think I need exercises in creative conciseness, LOL. On twitter, the ideal SEEMS to be keep your VSS to one tweet. A real challenge. I’m not sure where my VSS posts’ lengths will fall, OR how often I’ll do them at first, BUT training is a good thing, and I legitimately want to grow as a writer. As I get better, I hope to have one a day up to keep in practice and draw people to the Blog.

Maybe those of you who do writing blogs also would be interested in getting in on this?  IF we did it as a group drill / friendly competition, I’m thinking once a week, and say 200 words?  That gives the Turtles and busy people time.



Back Among the Living

Wow, did the blog traffic drop off while  I was gone, LOL.  *Posts meme of Maximus asking if you were not entertained*  😀

Humor aside, I’m overjoyed at how fast the blog here has grown.  I know there are writers out there with many times more readers, but getting to 60 subscribers and roughly 100 page views a day in so short a time is amazing.  Thanks all.

So, yes… I was gone nearly 18 hours.  We went up to say good bye to my step father.  He’d been on his death bed for almost a week, after a really nasty fall.  He died while we were en route.  So, the rest of the day (evening) ended up being comforting my mom and some family drama that I’ll skip on here.  Maybe the spiritual blog…

Now, I’m back, catching up on posts and trying to distract myself.

Return of the SMUT – Not Quite

I’ve been working to at least get my Witchfire story going again.  As those following my blog know, life has been… chaotic the last few weeks though.  I’ll leave the drama at that.

Because I had a deadline to meet with DBC for hosting, and I just ran out of gas, I only got about half way through this chapter, and turned it into a short one.  No smut, but it does advance the plot and fill in some questions about the mysterious “Institute”

Witchfire, Pt 9 – Training Day (Prelude)

Enjoy, hit the like button, share, send me money…  It’s that good.  LOL  J/K

Hope everyone enjoys.  I should be fully back on track next week.

First Real Spiritual Blog Post

I did my first real post in my spirituality blog a few minutes ago.

I wanted to jump into talking about empathic ability and similar topics, but first I felt it was important to establish my overall view on psychic phenomenon and spiritual events.  Because of that, my first post was on the importance of keeping one’s belief in the paranormal grounded in reality.

Keeping Spiritually Grounded

I’m NOT going to hype this second blog here very often.  I know people have different interests when coming to an erotica reading blog.  I’m hoping there’s enough cross interest to generate a little buzz for the blog though.


I’m in a better mood today.  Time away from the toxic wasteland that is Twitter has helped that.  The Vindication I feel from all the replies I got here helped put everything in perspective.  Yesterday crushed the blog’s best views stat by 20% and daily likes by 50%.  And that previous best day was when I begged twitter to look at the blog to help me break a former record.  I picked up 4 new followers also

Views are great, but it’s the comments and likes that really made my day.  I’m resilient and bounce back pretty quickly.  It’s a survival trait combined with pure redhead stubbornness.  That said, it always helps to know people empathize or outright agree with you when you’re at a low spot.

I know I’m growing as a person too.  My usual response to getting shut down on something in the past has been “screw it, it’s not worth the drama” and walk away.  This time I’m determined to prove them wrong.  I know I’m a good writer.  It’s easy to hide behind “haters going to hate”, but I’ve had past enemies admit to others that they destroyed my writing out of jealousy.  Am I Hemingway, or James Patterson?  Hell no, LOL.  There are areas of my writing that need serious work.  On the other hand I’m great with plot and character development.  I also have a solid grasp on grammar and how to structure a sentence.  When I have a better mastery of things like show, don’t tell, avoiding white room syndrome and a couple other things, I KNOW I’ll be successful.

For those following the blog here; Thank You.  It means alot to know people find me worth reading.  I do my best to follow back people and comment or at least like posts also.  The major exception being if you’re a prolific writer and are posting several times a day.  I just don’t have the time to keep up with everything then.  As it is, I’m averaging 2 hours a day on the blog and related emails.  It’s worth it though.  You’re all real people to me and I value your support


Twitter Footnote

I largely avoided dumping my drama at twitter, but I’m also proud of how much I have piled on me and how well I’m otherwise enduring.

I talked about my bad neck and back a little; stage two spinal degeneration.  In English, nearly every disc in my back is bad.  I have one outright torn one.  Bone spurs all over the place also and the vertebrae are trying to fuse together in bad ways.  A GOOD day for me is when my pain is at a 4 or 5 on a 1 to 10 scale.

Cervicogenic headaches that are as bad as migraines.  Those hit 2 or 3 times a week and can last anywhere from a few hours to a day or more.  Caused by nerves getting pinched by bone spurs in my neck.

Early onset Parkinson’s Disease, it has yet to be an officially confirmed diagnosis, but it’s looking that way and I have most of the symptoms, including a regular tremor in my left hand.

All of that has ruined my last few jobs and kept me from working at all for over a year now.

Ten of thousands of dollars in student loan debt hanging over my head from a college that was later shut down for loan fraud.

My step-father is in his death bad right now.   He’s been hanging in there for a week after falling, hitting his head and causing internal bleeding.  He was reduced to end of life comfort care yesterday

I grew up in an emotionally abusive home that became physically violent when my first step father turned into a violent drunk.  My mom finally divorced him though after he tried to shoot us all.

My 13 year marriage was even worse than my family life.

My brother is a drunk, and I have no real relationship with my half sister.

I grew up in poor neighborhoods and was constantly verbally and physically attacked, often by minorities because I am white.  Yet I can still judge people as individuals.

These are only the highlights, and don’t include all the “friends” that used me, took advantage of me and were never there for me, the jobs where I tried to be a team player and got shafted, etc…

By all rights, I should be a basket case in a mental institution.  I sucked it up and dealt with it all though.  My only major flaw was that for most of my life, I was a perfectionist who never felt I was good enough at anything no matter what I did.  Even that, I’m slowly overcoming.

Yet through all of that, I could still maintain a moral compass, not play a constant victim card, and try to be a decent person.  Too much to ask to just have a bullshit free experience at twitter though.

Yeah, I’m indignant right now.  I’m sick and tired of people telling me I have no right to be free of toxic and abusive crap.  Mute and ignore me all you want, I’m over it.