Conan Era Story Published

I got a handful of likes on Twitter from a snippet of a Conan era story I wrote about a year or so ago.  Because of that, I decided to publish it here.  It’s only 2/3 done at this point, so I’ll need to finish it if it gets attention.

Playing the video game Conan: Exiles inspired this story.  Fair warning before anybody reads it also; the Hyborian age of Conan was 15,000 BC in the stories.  Thinking about bloodshed, violence and such were very different in that day and age.  ONLY read this story if you’re over 18 and can read it with that in mind.  The story is meant to be darkly realistic and NOT an endorsement of such behavior.

Conan – Tyche Defends Derketo’s Temple

Beyond that, there a few paragraphs that will serve as a quick primer for the story before the actual story itself…  The same place I usually put my disclaimers.


Witchfire Pt 8 Published

I finally got this one finished.  Krystal’s nearly losing her life to Count Ivanova on Halloween has major consequences when Hexanna blows off the near defeat.  Krystal’s up and down relationship with the She-Legion goes down again, and Amazing Babe reacts poorly to discovering Krystal’s true heritage.  In the middle of everything, the Aberration decides to tear up the town also.  Can anything be salvaged, and can Krystal continue to hold everything together on her own?

Witchfire, Pt 8 – Reinforcements

Hope everyone enjoys.

No Witchfire 8… Yet

I think a few of you wait for this on Thursdays. 🙂

Sadly the story just was NOT coming together this week.  I had health issues and other distractions.  What I DID get together I felt was an incoherent mess unworthy of my handful of readers.  I’d rather delay it and get it right than release a rough, half finished story.  I hope nobody’s too disappointed and I’ll do my best to make the chapter worth the wait when it comes out.

Politics, Twitter and I

Over the last few days, I’ve had to drop a few people I had been following on Twitter.  With that in mind, I’m making a one and only post on the subject of politics.  Be forewarned; this will be a bit of a long rant.

Keeping it simple, I have a disdain for the current state of politics and political discourse.  The extremes on both the right and left have become increasingly shrill and loud.  These people are not helping their causes, only hurting them.

All the majority of us hear is “my side was right to do it but now that your side is doing it, it’s bad.  Lets take Clinton and Trump having their sexual escapades as an example.  I’m going to start with Clinton but I’m no fan of Trump either.

Clinton’s defenders say the Lewinsky affair was consensual and nobody’s business.  In and of itself, they’re right.  Like all political arguments (and news) today, it’s built on half truths though.  What was forgotten and barely reported is that when Clinton lied under oath in January 1995, it was at a civil trial brought by Paula Jones seeking justice for her rape (sorry I don’t use PC terms) by Clinton while Governor of Arkansas.  The case further asserted that Clinton used his pull as Governor to bury her original attempts at seeking criminal justice, and that Clinton’s team slandered Paula Jones.  This is the whole thing the ME TOO movement is built on.  20 Years later and he”s still getting a pass from Democrats though, both on the rape and the perjury.  You all don’t even think about the standard that you set for politicians that will come after him.  Lying under oath to deny a victim justice is now seen as fine by politicians.  It helped them believe they’re above the law.

Trump paid off multiple women he had affairs with and lied about it.  Not under oath however, and as far as I know, paying the women to keep quiet is not a crime.  (bear with me, Trump haters).  The legal definition of bribery is:

Bribery refers to the offering, giving, soliciting, or receiving of any item of value as a means of influencing the actions of an individual holding a public or legal duty. … Solicitation of a bribe also constitutes a crime and is completed regardless of whether the solicitation results in the receipt of a valuable gift.

So no crime there.  The victims that I’ve heard have all said he simply made promises to get them in bed and then broke the promises.  There may very well be other victims out there that were forced however.  If so, they deserve their day in court too.  Right now, Republicans are splitting legal hairs saying no crimes, so ignore it.  More than legal technicalities though, there’s a question of MORALITY.  Is this the kind of man we want leading our country?  He treats women like garbage, lies, uses them, and then slanders them when they complain.  Kind of like Clinton did with his victims.

I could spend several more paragraphs detailing how BOTH sides of the 2016 presidential election went to Russian and other foreign sources as well.  Given the way election laws are worded, it’s questionable that either side truly broke any campaign laws.  It’s not illegal to talk to or get information from a foreign national, or even have them work on your campaign so long as it’s strictly on a volunteer basis.  Both sides are pointing fingers at each other though instead of saying “let’s fix these fucked up laws”.

Reagan and Ollie North free the Iran hostages in 1980 with a guns for hostages scheme.  North is a hero to the Republicans and a villain to the Left.  The move circumvented the will of Congress regarding no ransom to get the hostages back.  More recently it’s an almost identical situation with Obama’s administration funneling weapons to the Middle East to fuel the Arab spring.   THAT leads to the attack in Benghazi.  Republicans are up in arms over an illegal gun running operation when it was OK that Ollie North did the same thing.  Democrats defend and bury it when the condemn the Reagan administration for doing the same thing.

EASY additional example: The national debt is bad when you’re not the party in power.  When you are, the spending is ALL good.  The debt keeps skyrocketing and nothing gets fixed.

You extremists are being USED to keep the public at each others’ throats and distracted from all the waste, fraud and abuse in Washington (and most if not all state capitals).  Not only that, the venom that you spew alienates the majority of people from your causes and getting involved in general.

NOW, unlike some people, I believe you MEAN well, both on the far left and far right.  If you TRULY want change though, you have to calm down, talk to people as if they’re human beings with brains and feelings, and being willing to admit when your idea doesn’t work.  When that happens, then both sides need to sit down and say “What can do do to fix it.”  Think win-win and what benefits people, not power mongering politicians and special interests.

As an example, lets look at spending.  We’re CONSTANTLY fed the FALSE choice that the only options are more taxes or cut programs.  The REALITY is that there’s so much waste and graft that if it was all cleaned out, there’d be plenty of money for all.  The unverified statistic I hear is that only 30% of social program funds actually go to benefits.  The rest is overhead and bureaucracy.  SEVENTY PERCENT IS WASTE!  To fix that though, everything has to be looked at.  Some recipients are committing fraud.  Some government employees are unneeded.  Government contractors are getting overpaid, the rules for getting help need to be streamlined and have common sense guidelines… etc…

Same is true for defense.  We need it but there’s SOOOOO much waste in the spending.

And as a side note; for those who are hating on me now and ranting mentally about “my news source said…”  Fake news is REAL, it’s on BOTH sides, and it’s been around for AGES.  It’s frequently not recognized as such because it’s built on half truths too.  All the best lies have an element of truth after all

William Randolph Hurst started the Spanish American War by publishing a bunch of lies and half truths in his newspapers, whipping the public into a frenzy until the government declared war.  That was in 1898, over 100 years ago!

More recently, 60 Minutes expose on how unsafe the Ford Pinto was had it’s crash results rigged.  The car wouldn’t explode for their story until they put a lit rag in the gas fill pipe of the car.  All the news outlets picked it up and the car got snarky nicknames like the BBQ that Seats 4.  Good story, it got ratings.  It also hurt alot of blue collar workers who made parts and assembled the car.

In 1983, the owners of the McMartin Preschool got swept up in a media generated sex abuse hysteria.  They were prosecuted and financially ruined.  When the trial was done, it turned out all the children were coached by prosecutors and were saying what they were told to.  The news did next to nothing to apologize or clear their names, and the family still got death threats a decade later.

Politically, I used to listen to the radio when younger and doing homework.  Speeches used to be carried live and I’d hear President Reagan say one thing and have it completely spun by the media later.  The example that sticks with me to this day is education funding.  He repeatedly proposed eliminating the federal Dept of education as a level of bureaucracy and giving the department’s money directly to the states.  Logic being the states knew better how to allocate the money and the savings would give the states more money.  The media would only report that Reagan wanted to eliminate the department though.  See how a half truth completely changes the story told?  Everyone from Fox to MSNBC does it too.  They focus on the part of the story that drives their narrative and whips their audience into a frenzy.

Seeing all of this is why I don’t have any patience for the “Trump is the antichrist” and “Obama is the antichrist” crowds.  You’re doing nothing but adding to the problem and spreading hate.  If you REALLY want to fix things, start channeling people like Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Theresa, etc… and look for solutions beyond your hate, victim status or virtue signaling.


My Thoughts on BDSM

Since my half dozen (thus far) non fan fiction erotica pieces all have at least a slight element of domination and submission to them (Amy’s Seduction being the only real exception), AND I’m picking up followers on Twitter into that lifestyle, I felt I’d take a couple of minutes to spell out my thoughts on the subject.

Plain and simple, my view is that as long as it’s safe, sane and above all mutually consensual, it’s all good.  All of that requires a great deal of communication and self awareness by both parties.

I have one huge gripe with elements of the community.  That being the “if you’re not doing it MY way, it’s not really domination!” crowd.  To be blunt, that’s not only utter crap, it also tells me the Dom or Domme uttering it has no idea what they’re talking about, quite likely little or no respect for submissives, and / or massive insecurity issues.  A real dominant is going to want to talk, make sure the other person is more than just titillated, and has compatible ideas about what BDSM is.  If their ideas later drift apart on the subject, they will set the submissive free instead of trying to force them past hard limits also.

I’m fairly passionate on the issue because I used to have a virtual part-time job counseling women who were responding to ads looking for submissives on a certain free site that no longer runs personals.  Horrified by some of the “dom” ads I saw I posted my own telling submissives that their submission was a gift given, it had to be earned, that a dom should listen to your wants and needs when establishing relationship boundaries, and that it was just as much about their orgasm as his.

It was amazing and scary how many “thank you” replies I got from women with strong curiosity but who were confused and scared after ‘talking’ to abusers who told them that if they were submissive at all, they’d immediately do anything and everything the “dom” said, no questions asked, right from the moment they met.  A few of them even told me they were made to feel like they were crazy until they read my post.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m anything but a saint.  I’m proud to say I saved a few women from abusive relationships though.

It Happened Again!

For those who missed my last post, the day before yesterday, Twitter made a follow recommendation that was completely unrelated to anything I’d tweeted or searched (anywhere online), or even been near in almost a year.  It was a place I’d just been talking about however.  Since there was NO way to know otherwise, the only conclusion I can come to is that the recent conspiracy theory about various social media outlets tapping phones and computer microphones is true.

Of course there’s pure coincidence.  That’s unlikely, but people win the lottery all the time despite there being a ten times better chance of being hit by lightning, right?

Well, it happened again last night.  The TV was on and the local news was talking about a serial predator getting state paid legal representation.  I commented aloud that it sucks, but that I believe that guarantee is an important part of our legal rights.  A few minutes later I log back into Twitter and the top of my recommended follow list is the Federalist Society.

Again, they have NOTHING to base that recommendation on.  I don’t surf or search political sites, and I keep my writing completely free of politics also.  The rhetoric is just too heated and unthinking on all sides, and I do NOT want it poisoning my writing or alienating followers.  With that being the case, the only thing they have to base that recommendation on is verbal comments picked up by a PC or cellphone microphone, and almost right after said comments were made.

Facebook, Google, Twitter…  They’re all eavesdropping I guess.

OK, This is Just Creepy…

For those NOT in the know, there’s a conspiracy theory going around that social media, especially Facebook, actively taps your smart phone mic and camera to eavesdrop and target advertising to a scary level.  I saw an article the other day that explained how it was all actually done via phone GPS and merchants selling your transaction data… supposedly.  It seemed a reasonable explanation, albeit still a massive invasion of privacy.

The “SUPPOSEDLY” comes in because I just had an Orwellian moment about a half hour ago…  I logged into Twitter on my laptop, and at the very top of my suggested follows list is a place I hadn’t been within miles of in a year and had done NO online searches, etc… about.  I had just gotten done discussing the place face to face verbally with somebody else though.

And then it just magically pops up at the TOP of my list on Twitter?!?  Like hell somebody isn’t listening.  The odds otherwise of that place popping up are astronomical, especially when you factor in it’s one of the last places you’d expect to see an erotica author!